I"ve had actually this gun for at the very least 20-years sitting in the closet. Can anyone offer me a unstable estimate ~ above what it might be worth?

Update: how does this finish up in Winchester once it to be submitted under "Other Handguns"?

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Hey kcbuck,

Thanks because that the help. As declared in the topic line, it"s a Clerke 1st .22 Revolver. Glowing (so bright, that looks chromed), 6-shots, brownish orange grips. Grips are artificial I think. Watch brand new! remained in storage its whole life. I think, 6-rounds to be fired once just to make certain the gun worked.

MFG CO: Clerke Technicorp, Santa Monica, CAS/N: 034195 if you have actually a method to look that up.

Thanks again for the help.


Well, friend asked.The revolvers make by Clerke Technicorp to be the epitome of the Saturday Night Specials.Avaliable in .22 LR & .32 S&W long,They sold brand new in the 1970"s for less than $30.00.They made hundreds of them, many were offered through hardware chains prefer Otasco & west Auto.HOWEVER, there is a growing crowd of collectors of this kind of weapon and also you could probably gain $50.00 come $100.00 for it in the ideal circles, maybe also more.These guns and others favor them were no designed no one intended to it is in durable, accurate, or shooting a lot.There is a various forum the end there simply for world who choose them. JDD

Tommy Lee

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10 years ago

Hey JDD, many thanks for the heads up! ...I was virtually ready come let my neighborhood pawn shop have actually it because that $15. I"ve collapse in love through a pistol recently