64,000 freshmen are moving to brand-new York City in the next few weeks to start college. 64,000 eighteen year olds, navigating the subway, trying to find bars that don"t card, overrunning St.Mark"s. Welcome to part Two of ours five component guide on just how to survive your college year in new York.-



The downside to walk to college in new York? small dorm rooms, "dry dorms", and, perhaps the best party-killer the all, the annoyance of having actually to sign human being in come your building (at NYU, for instance, just three people at a time. Party?)

The upside? There room plen-ty that bars in this city, few of which may even turn a remote eye to a not especially convincing fake.

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NYC college Bars


Josie Woods

"Every mistake ns made student in the first year year affiliated Josie Woods, and also the NYU Swimteam." Casey C.

Josie Woods is one NYU legend. Over there is absolutely NO factor it have to be for this reason popular, and also frankly it more than likely wouldn"t be if that wasn"t for its proximity come the NYU campus (aka next door come class), and also their sometimes laxity v ID checking. Pack to the gills through students from September come May.


When ns told a Fordham friend ns was writing about Mugzs, castle responded v "Do you need the Bar Owner"s cabinet number?" the is exactly how attached human being get come this Bronx watering hole. In fact, the picture at left is of a Fordham student and also a trusted bouncer, circa 2005. Fordham youngsters attend Mugzs more frequently than they attend class; Monday thru Sunday, it"s the location to be.

Asian Pub

If you"re a college college student in brand-new York, oriental Pub is a rite the passage. Its insanely cheap cocktails space perfect for the brief, glorious stage in life when you"ve very first started drinking and are because of this still easily seduced by drinks called "Sex ~ above the Beach" or "The Woo-Woo." Also, if you"re especially broke, friend can entirely make a meal the end of the freeedamame they give you.


The Heights Bar & Grill

Most that the an excellent bars up near Columbia have actually closed in current years (West End, Nacho Mamas, etc), but a couple of good options remain, and also The Heights is one of them. It"s smallish, yet it offers great wings, good prices, and a an excellent crowd of students. Conveniently situated right near Frat Row, however expect to it is in carded.


Down The Hatch

If you go to under The Hatch, you will certainly leave smelling choose beer, chicken wings, and also Curved because that Men. This bar is the absolute closest thing NYC has to a frat house, to add the added bonus of cockroaches. Am i making it sound awful? It"s...not. Well, no one in their best mind would go there after college. Yet you haven"t gone to college until you"ve gotten beer flood on you by a very drunk human being in a polo shirt.



"Their carding plan was literally "You look prefer you shouldn"t be roaming the Bronx alone. I"m going to assume you"re a Fordham student and have her parents credit card. Obtain in here."" Anonymous

Gormans is the unofficial Fordham freshman bar (apparently you need to work your way up to Mugzs?). Situated "approximately a mile walk through a insanity dangerous and unlit neighborhood", Gormans is cheap, friendly, and also most the all, lenient towards nervous 18 year olds.

Bar None

Bar no one is not that cheap and not the good, however nevertheless Bar None has quite the faithful following. "Don"t walk there if girlfriend don"t like getting drunk, since one means or one more it will happen" states one Yelp Reviewer. "Worst bar ns have ever before been to", proclaims another. Do any kind of two reviews much better epitomize the significance of a good college bar?




Biddy Early"s

Located in the financial District, Biddy"s offers much needed libations come the students of Pace, Pratt, and also St.John"s. This an extremely friendly bar is perfect for beer pong, bar food, and also Buds. Word come the wise: this bar is a contender for Worst bathrooms in new York.



Jake"s Dilemma


Highest density of baseball hats outside of Yankee Stadium, and also a identify favorite amongst Columbia Students. Jake"s Dilemma has some of the finest happy hour transaction in the city, through $1 draft on Mondays, $3 cocktails, and also 1/2 the whole bar till 8 pm. There room beer pong tables galore, yet the best part of this bar has obtained to be the 90s music castle play every night, perfect for children who come of age in the last glorious te of the 20th century.


The sly Fox

"Sneak in v the back. There"s a different entrance because that the "Ukranian Restaurant", which shares a bathroom through the bar. Therefore you just walk appropriate in, i would or no!" Joey Perron-Kozar, NYU 08.

The cunning Fox could be the creepiest, divest bar in the eastern Village, yet if you"re under 21, occasionally you can"t be as well picky. Besides, its got its charm in the form of the old guys who drink in the beforehand evening, the jukebox, and the hard-to-shake emotion that you"re around to get murdered.

And a few friendly reminders, native some people who survived Freshmen year, but just barely...

Beer before Liquor, never ever Sicker.....it"s true.

Root Beer is the ideal hangover cure.

Long Island ice Teas are delicious, and the best bang for her buck, however pretty much nearly always a mistake.

Try crystal Light and Vodka...it will save you hydrated!

You will more than likely walk in on someone in the bathroom/be walked in top top in the bathroom at a bar at the very least once in your college career. The happens.

You know you"re an alleged to guideline bartenders, right? Right.

If you"re underage, exercise a really great "omg! wherein IS my WALLET!" freakout to use right when you gain to the bouncer.

Become a constant at a bar...you"ll constantly be may be to get in, and get her friends in.

Whenever you obtain into a bar there is no an I.D., immediately try to girlfriend the bartender so girlfriend can proceed doing so because that days.

No sneakers, boys.

Know the information on her Fake ID

Carry toilet paper in your pocket/purse since the bar will probably be the end of it.

Keep sunglasses in your purse, in instance it"s irradiate out as soon as you go home...

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Eat something prior to you go out!

List compiled many thanks to many, plenty of former NYC university students, now sitting glumly at your day jobs, wishing they to be 18 again...