Hello everyone! i wish to perform an English called version that the 6th Fairy Tail OVA, Fairy Tail X Rave. Fairy Tail and Rave understand are 2 of my favorite anime, and also I desire to carry out a dub through voice sounding similar to the English dub of both anime. PLOT: together the Fairy Tail gang arrives in the countryside, things go haywire nearly immediately. Very first off, the team gets seperated. Secondly, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Natsu, and Juvia every encounter human being from Rave Master.

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The two series do not share the same world. Rave grasp takes place primarily in the Continent the Luka, conversely, Fairy Tail takes location in planet Land. I"m unsure of the in its entirety world name for Rave Master, but there is no Luka in earth Land and the maps look fairly different. Rave Master human being Map.


Can they trust these brand-new found friends? and also how long will it take for Haru and also Natsu to gain strangling every other? but when an old foe resurfaces from the shadows, the comes down to ours two main heroes. Can they somehow combine their powers and also make an acquaintance? Or will the people be covered in death and gold coin monsters?

Find out together the two mirrors are tested to their limits in Fairy Tail x Rave! have actually fun, and can"t wait to see what anyone brings!

Feel free to contact me with any kind of questions. The leader that Team Natsu, and the Fire Dragon Slayer Salamander. He regulates Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and also is regularly considered among the most powerful mages in Fairy Tail. In the OVA, that encounters Haru indigenous Rave Master, and teams up through him to challenge off versus Jackpot Please try and sound close to Todd Haberkorn"s variation Oh yeah!

Now I"ve gained a fire in mine belly! FIRE DRAGON iron FIST! Hey, we"ve got more in typical than i thought! "Natsu" means spring, and also "Haru" means summer. She"s acquired these two huge mounds that Jell-O on she chest. 2 wooden weapons.

And she"s put on a Heart-Kreauz tank top. Ns didn"t check out the whole poster, however she supposedly went on some psycho rampage at the casino. Previously the staff Klodoa, Jackpot is a life slot an equipment powered through magic. He seeks to take under Team Natsu together revenge for his defeat In the OVA, the is the main villain, dealing with off versus both Team Natsu and also Team Haru.

Please sound close to note Fickert"s variation Indeed! I"m right here to party and also make part cold difficult cash. Jackpot MK II, and also Jackpot MK II is all set to party. Tho You"re both correct.

I"m obtaining all my strength from Darkbring and from Magic. I became evil long prior to I obtained Darkbring, so I"m no worried about that. With this power, ns can regulate the town. No, the world! I"ll have the civilization at my disposal! A superhero wanabee and also a comic allied of Team Haru.

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In the OVA, he renders a rapid cameo, also breaking the fourth wall As Lazenby never acquired an English voice, you room welcome to shot any voice you might like. It should be follow me the lines of an exaggerated superheroic voice. The harbor is in shambles, everything is in disarray! This is the perfect time to do my enterance. No evil shall escape my sight, and also truth candlestick prevail! The devil Sword Hero Lazenby has actually arrived! Why haven"t i gotten any kind of screen time?!

Don"t pan far from me! Don"t you know who ns am?! I"m the devil Sword Hero Lazenby! The Fairy Queen Titania, a member the Team Natsu, and an S-Class Mage the Fairy Tail. She regulates Requip Magic, and also is the the strongest mage of Fairy Tail In the OVA, she starts gambling at a casino, essentially going ~ above a rampage whenever her streak was interrupted. Please sound close to Colleen Clinkenbeard"s version Natsu, what space you act here? and also you, swinging your sword about recklessly!

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You must be ashamed! prevent being perverted. If you want to offer a massage, give one to me. Natsu, go through Haru. We"ll take it the monsters at the center of town.