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Normally, I don’t agree with summaries of stories and I’d tell you not to look at it but this one, I don’t have big qualms with the summary.Audience: *Screams, convulsions and loud crying* It’s the end of the world!I told you 2012!It’s impossible! Maz-Maz agreed with a summary!Yes, I know, calm down. So I’d LIKE to go straight to my review.The story was definitely different, it’s hard to put your finger on it but it’s there. The Manga was a mixture of stereotype-confronting, simplicity and character-respect: the author should be pleased, wherever they are, that they came up with a DIFFERENT Manga. A strange point I’d like to point out, is that most of the characters in the Manga are girls, or most of the bad-ass ones, either way...Did the world run out of guys or something?I don’t know but still, that doesn't mean the characters weren’t badass (maybe that, in itself, is a stereotype broken) because they were.I was obsessed with the fact that the main character was a bad girl not because it was ‘KyUwaL’ (that's supposed to be the 'cool' spelling for 'cool', just so you know) or for the ‘sake of being bad-assed’, it was because she had some history in the area, Kabuki Chou Ichibangai. So, original... Yes!The illustrations were impressive, in the way that they were great at portraying the character and their personality. However, they weren’t detailed (even if I want to deny it) and it wasn’t the author’s use-your-imagination-to-build-on-characters-and-scenes style of work (like the awesome ‘Hot Road’ Manga) but the I-didn’t-know-how-to-make-detailed-art kind. Thus the art needs some working on from what I’ve seen. But (thankfully) they weren’t all that mediocre and sometimes the artist would SURPRISE you (yes, surprise YOU) in having detailed scenes and when I see something like that, I go ‘why couldn’t you do that for the whole story, dammit!’To end this review, I want to assure you that even though this story isn’t the emotionally-shatterin-addicting-I-wanna-kill-ya-granny kind of story, it was still da bomb (peace bro, we’re not talking about nuclear). It is recommended, it is nice, it was REALLY hard to find and most likely, you want to read it…Right… *Takes revolver and puts it to your left temple*Right.