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The Five Originals

Keith Pratt

You're getting on a bit Keith, but how old are you really?
I�m not the oldest, I�m the young one.

What starring role did you perform in the 1983 Show?

I wasn�t a star, but I did enjoy the 'Come Dancing' item.

What do the words 'Gang Show' mean to you?

I first got involved in Gang Show in 1965, when I was a Scout in Newcastle. So you see, I got the Gang Show bug at an early age. It was good fun and still is today!

Why do you keep coming back for more every two years?

The main reason for coming back is that I still enjoy it as much now as I did when I participated in my first Show.

Share with us some words about The Five Originals.

When it was proposed that we held a Gang show in Inverness, I was one of the few people who had been involved in Gang Show and so was very much in favour of doing a Show. Little did I know that twenty-odd years on we would be preparing for another Show.

What was your starring role in the 2003 Show?

As my fellow thespians have said, there are no individual stars in Gang Show. Everyone in the cast is a star, we just have different parts. [Careful Keith, this is a family website! - Ed]

Give us one word which summarises Gang Show to you.
Great fun. [Maybe a thespian, but not a mathematician! - Ed]

What do you think about the 6-month rehearsal schedule?
These are the hardest and also the funniest times. This is where we get to make our mistakes and have a good laugh. It's 6 months of hell!

Give us some personal comments about Gang Show.

As well as being a Gang Show thespian, I am also Area Quartermaster, so after every Show I�ve got to find storage space for all the props and scenery that the Show generates. Since we have done 10 Shows, we have accumulated a lot of props and scenery items over the last twenty years.

I also have the job of sorting out dressing room allocation for the week in the theatre. This is always difficult, as we have a cast of about 130 and they range from Cubs to adult leaders. As the Show has evolved over the years, we have had increased support by the theatre staff who have been very helpful. Some have been involved in nearly all our Shows, and one member of staff had his own son in the 2003 Show!

The views and opinions expressed by The Five Originals are not necessarily those of the Scout Association, and are definitely not those of Inverness Area Gang Show!


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