Inverness Area Gang Show
Starring members of Inverness Area Scout and Guide Groups

Inverness Area Gang Show

Since 1983, we've been entertaining audiences of all ages with our biennial Scout and Guide Gang Show, performed at Eden Court Theatre. Each of our shows attracts audiences of 3500-4000 over 5 performances, making it one of the Highlands' premiere amateur productions.

Inverness Gang Show is performed by youth and adult members of local Scout and Guide groups. Most groups in Inverness area are represented. Gang Show gives the young people a unique opportunity to develop their self-confidence and communication skills - essential for future life!

The Show is a huge undertaking, with a cast of over 100 on the stage entertaining the audience while 50-60 members work behind the scenes.

The six-month rehearsal schedule for each show requires a high level of commitment from all the cast and the production and support staff.