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The Five Originals

Andy Thursby

[When completing his questionnaire, Andy took the 'use additional sheet if necessary' note literally - 2 additional sheets literally! This is the highly edited version. - Ed]

We're sure you're older than you look, so please tell us your age, Andy!
Over the hill and going down rapidly...

What was your starring role in the 1983 Show?

I was playing a Guide leader in the 'Spring, Spring, Spring' item.

What does Gang Show mean to you?

It's a chance to find out what it is like to face an audience of 800 in a proper theatre! Also, it's the way in which the feeling of enjoyment is transmitted from the whole cast to the audience - and getting a similar response back.

The younger members of the cast never cease to amaze me in their ability to be so committed and hard working. Although they can cause us to hold our breaths in the way they sometimes don't appear to be responding well at rehearsals, and we wonder if we will have a Show that is any good! But, once in Eden Court, and on a real stage, they lift themselves up a couple of gears and on the opening night we realise we needn't have worried at all!

So, Andy, why do you keep coming back for more?

It's the buzz. It's the feeling of having an audience in the palm of my hand! Unless you've actually been there and done it, it's something that is very hard to explain. Then there is the sense of loss once the six months' rehearsals and the five 'live' Shows are over.

Give us a few words about The Five Originals.

In 1982, when the idea for an Inverness Gang Show was put forward to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Scouting, the idea was enthusiastically welcomed by most Scouters and Scouts in Inverness. It went ahead and succeeded in being a good advert for Scouting, and although some of us thought it was going to be a one-off, it became a bi-annual event - and here we are 20-odd years later!

It has helped to bring leaders from all over the Area together, since they found that others were just as daft or mad as themselves! Are there many other Areas, Districts or Counties where the Area Chairman knows virtually all the leaders at the Area AGM by their first names, or has done a duet in the Show with their Area Commissioner!?

What was your starring role in the 2003 Show?

No starring role - "just one of the Gang!"

What one word would you give to summarise everything Gang Show?

Dedication! [Even this answer had to be edited! - Ed]

Give us a few words about the 6 months rehearsals?
It's something to do with 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon for six months of every second year. Every other year, we hibernate... I enjoy every minute of rehearsals, and to see a Show grow from words in a script to the finished production is very satisfying!

I don't like missing a rehearsal, as I feel that once I've given a commitment to be part of the Gang, it would be letting everyone else down if I don't turn-up. It also sets a good example to the younger Gang members if the adults attend rehearsals regularly.

What do you personally enjoyed about Gang Show?

As I am the co-librarian for the Show, I look after all the sheet music for the previous Shows. We have over 1000 titles in the library, along with hundreds of sketches and comedy numbers. The 2003 Show will use over 50 songs and musical numbers! Some will be full-length songs and others will be just a few lines or a chorus.

Over the years, each Show has had its special moments. One of the most talked-about is the 'Shiverdance' item (1997), which had only 3 weeks of rehearsal time - but was a huge hit! The 'Monks' sketch is one of the most popular items we have done, and is simple, easy to rehearse and is also very funny - especially if someone makes a wrong move with their bell rope! The ghost of William Shakespeare was very easy for me to play, as his hair-style was no problem! [See below! - Ed]

The Cubs always take a trick in their items - cute frogs, white rabbits, dancing 'girls', cowboys... What fun! In later years, watching the Shows' videos will make them cringe! The 1993 Show was when the first female Cubs and Scouts appeared on stage - what would we do without them. Well, I can't dance!

Just think - a young Cub in the 1983 Show could be married with a Cub of his own on stage in the 2003 Show! Suddenly, I feel very old. Now, where's my Zimmer...

See Andy's 'Shakespeare' hair-style here!

The views and opinions expressed by The Five Originals are not necessarily those of the Scout Association, and are definitely not those of Inverness Area Gang Show!

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