10 Hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh! ‘Pot that Greed’ Memes just Fans recognize Some that the ideal memes to generate from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series revolve around the Pot that Greed. Here are 10 the the funniest!

The Pot that Greed is one of the most famous and well-known cards in the background of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. It"s one of those cards that you could bring up in the challenge of any kind of fan that the big-time commerce card collection and they"d know exactly what you"re talk about. Their reaction, however, most likely won"t be a quite one.

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The Pot the Greed is among the most notorious cards in the civilization of Yu-Gi-Oh! and also for a great reason. This map was banned because that being one of the most damaged due come letting friend pull v no downside. This has made the card topic to loads of community memes and also the topic of this perform today.

This one is simply absolutely ridiculous and also really pokes funny at the super broken nature that the Pot the Greed. It"s complete with a really ugly and crude drawing probably done in MS paint thrown on height of an actual Yu-Gi-Oh! card template. If you want a short and straightforward version of the absurdly long description on this card save reading.

Basically the card permits you come pull 2 cards from her deck through no downside. This card is making fun of the fact that through multiple Pots that Greed girlfriend can really well infinitely attract from her deck.

This next meme is the the really to the point variety and draws ~ above a very familiar and new meme format. This is also one that the most renowned of all the Pot that Greed memes among not only the Yu-Gi-Oh! community, however something that might simply be dubbed the Pot that Greed community, as part are simply along for the mim featuring this guy.

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It"s making funny of the truth that in the anime every time this card mirrors up who asks what exactly it does. An extremely redundant, very annoying, and also nowadays really funny.

The funniest thing is the the hoax is an alleged to be the this dude went out and also decided to collect card upon map of the same vein. Looking at this snapshot you"ll see 17 Pot of Greed cards. That means if you were to usage them all in a deck during an actual complement you"d be able to draw map after card.

However, while the joke is supposed to be that this guy has mad broken cards, the funniest point ends up being the he went out of his method to repaint his confront as the Pot the Greed when joking about the redundancy anime in the caption. Pure legend.

7 POT that GREED IS MY finest FRIEND

Dark Magician Girl has actually been the main waifu that the Yu-Gi-Oh! community for years now and has likewise been one of the better-known cards for human being outside the the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! fanbase for years currently due to evident reasons. However, that all pertained to an finish when the Pot of Greed mim attacked.

This meme is illustration on the truth that Pot that Greed came and took all the fist away indigenous this magic waifu. Now Pot that Greed is the talk of the town, leaving Dark Magician Girl in the shadows.

This is among the funniest memes under the Pot of Greed banner. If you"ve ever before played Uno climate this one must be evident to you. If you"ve never ever played Uno then what room you doing? Go gain a pack of cards and also have a video game then come ago to understand this meme.

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If you don"t feel prefer doing that then here"s one explanation. Basically just like the Pot the Greed, the draw 2 card provides you draw two cards. Basic as that.

5 Nobody desires Genorosity

remember the Drake choice meme craze? Pot of Greed remembers. The Pot that Greed was additionally featured in this image format together with his brothers card, Pot of Generosity. The generosity part of this card"s title really method a lot by the means as that does the exact opposite of Greed.

The Pot that Generosity has actually the user placed two cards from your hand back in their deck and shuffle it. Usually holding back on their opponent and getting a random possibility to pull something. Not far better than Greed though.

If you"ve never ever taken a expedition to the videogame (among various other things) streaming website Twitch then this meme will probably leave friend scratching your head. Have no are afraid though, since an explanation is here.

Basically this pot looks choose a renowned emote indigenous the website Twitch referred to as Pogchamp that is intended to indicate hype. Countless Twitch users have shortened this emote"s surname to Pog. This pot simply so wake up to resemble that emote while looking favor the Pot that Greed in ~ the same time. Hense Pog Pot the Greed.


This meme is actually cursed due to the reality that trying to review over it will most likely leave girlfriend needing to update your glasses prescription.

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The basic gist of the is the it"s one more meme making funny of the redundant asking of the Pot that Greed"s capability in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. In addition to the truth that the card has a very basic purpose however instead it"s created out in the many ridiculous means possible.

psychic the very crude variation of the Pot that Greed we looked at earlier? Well, this one is also worse. Instead of taking a premade Yu-Gi-Oh! map template, the creator that this meme chose to in reality make his very own card from scratch in multiple sclerosis Paint. However, at least his Pot that Greed actually looks choose the actual thing.

Anyways together with the actual card being attracted in the most basic method possible, they took the liberty of make the capability description as basic as feasible too. Just attract some cards, my dude.

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If the truth that the Pot of Greed was totally banned doesn"t make you realize that this map is nothing however trouble then probably this image will assist you understand the disdain the Yu-Gi-Oh competitive ar has for it.

As proclaimed earlier this map is stunner infamous and no one wants to dare collection foot close to it throughout an yes, really match. It"s nothing but trouble and should it is in treated as such!

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