What is this expression actually used for? "Talking to who in a condescending path " or "talking to someone in simple terms" or go it mean both?

Source 1:(Cambridge Dictionary) https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/talk-down-to-someone

to speak to who in a straightforward way, together if the human being cannot recognize things and you can:

Our background teacher never ever talks under to us.

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Source 2: (The Collins Dictionary) https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english-thesaurus/talk-down-to-someone

in the feeling of condescend to:

She never talked down to her students.

Does it typical both the the things? If no then what deserve to be used to typical "talking to who in simple terms i.e. Easy, layman"s language" as in The Cambridge Dictionary?

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To talk down to someone method to speak come them together if girlfriend think they are stupid, naive or ignorant; that is constantly considered insulting. This an interpretation is no as clean in the Cambridge meaning as the Collins one, return the explanation "as if the human being cannot understand things and also you can" walk convey that. To indicate to someone that you are more clever than they are, or know more than lock do, is deeply insulting.

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