This section creates safety demands for towing for purposes of ORS 818.160 (Violating towing safety requirements). Except where an exemption under ORS 818.170 (Exemptions native towing safety requirements) specifically provides otherwise, the safety requirements for towing room violated for functions of ORS 818.160 (Violating towing safety requirements) if any of the complying with are violated:(1)If one car is towing another, the tow bar, coupling machine and other connections should be of sufficient strength to hold the load of the towed automobile upon any grade that highway whereby operated.(2)If one automobile is towing another, the relationships of the tow bar, coupling machine and other connections have to be properly mounted without extreme slack but with enough play to allow for universal action of the connections and listed with a suitable locking method to avoid accidental separation that the towed and also towing vehicles.(3)If any type of vehicle is towing one more vehicle and also the connection between the auto is a chain, rope, cable or any kind of flexible material, a red flag or cloth not less than 12 customs square should be displayed upon the connection.(4)Any auto being towed should not whip or swerve from side to side dangerously or unreasonably or fail come follow substantially in the path of the towing vehicle.(5)Any towed automobile in a combination of vehicles should be equipped with one or more safety chain or cables that meet all of the complying with requirements:


The chain or cables have to be so associated to the towed and also towing vehicle and to the tow bar regarding prevent the tow bar native dropping come the soil in the event the tow bar or coupling machine fails.

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The chains or cables must have a tensile strength equivalent to the invited weight of the towed vehicle and also a method of attachment to the towed and towing car of sufficient strength to regulate the towed car in occasion the tow bar or coupling machine fails.


The chains or cables have to be attached with no much more slack than is crucial to permit appropriate turning.(6)Any coupling machine on any towing car used together a link for the tow bar on any type of towed automobile having a invited weight in excess of 5,000 pounds shall be firmly attached to the frame or come a solid link to the frame and not only to the bumper of the towing vehicle.(7)Vehicle connecting devices for any kind of vehicle with a invited weight of not an ext than 10,000 pounds have to be built or fitted as required under minimum standards adopted by the department of transportation for purposes of this subsection. Standards adopted for purposes of this subsection shall conform to the present standards that the culture of Automotive designers or various other widely welcomed standards that room applicable. <1983 c.338 §522; 1985 c.16 §269; 1985 c.20 §1>

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Under Former similar Statute

County criminal liability because that oversized county road maintenance vehicles operation on county roadway only, (1981) Vol 42, ns 98


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