A Lesson about Inflation native anOreo Cookie Can assist YOUProfit throughout the comes Crisis

Governments mess about with inflation numbers all the time. They shot to paint a rosy picture. However a tiny lesson native an Oreo cookie speak a truer story. And also it deserve to make you very wealthy if you discover the lesson…


I freshly bought some Oreo cookie for mine 7-year old to require to his baseball game as one after-game “treat.”

I had done the same thing critical year and also knew there were 45 cookies in a package. Three rows that 15 cookies.

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Since his team has actually 14 players, i knew I’d have a enough to offer each child 3 cookie … and also even have actually 3 leftover because that me!

Unfortunately, that didn’t job-related out that way.

After offering 3 cookie to the very first 13 players, ns ran out. I had a 7 year-old smiling up in ~ me v his hand out, and nothing to offer him.

I’m feather down right into the bag, digging about with mine hands. Nothing.

All the other children were already munching their cookies down, so that was also late come re-divvy.

Momentary panic was staved off by a nearby snack bar. Boy #14 gained an ice cream cream bar because that his wait.

But ns was quiet confused. Had I miscounted? go I provide out too many cookies?

So i looked top top the ago of the package.

It read: Serving size 3 cookies. Servings per package 13.

39 total cookies.

What the…?!?

I was hopeful there had actually been 45 cookie in the parcel the year before.

So, i did a little research. And also what I found turned mine confusion into anger.

It turns out i was right. A traditional sized Oreo cookie parcel has always had 3 rows the 15 cookies, because that 45 total in the package.

This year, however, they lessened the package dimension to 39 cookies.

That’s 13.3% much less cookies. But… this is the thing that do me mad…

They were offering these smaller packages because that the specific same price together last year!

Six much less cookies. Very same price.

This is precisely what us teach Elevation team members in lesson 7, “How To benefit From Hyperinflation.” (for details on how to sign up with The key Group, click here)

The experienced who teaches that lesson calls this “hidden inflation” and also … he states it’s an early warning signal you must pay fist to.

Why? because it is a recognized indicator for…

Much higher Inflation Coming

It transforms out manufacturers have used this sneaky small trick for decades. Specifically in the food industry.

Candy bar devices are well known for shrinking the size of their product.

Here’s why they carry out it:

As the expenses of raw products go up, manufacturers have actually three choices.

Keep product size and also price the very same (they shed profits)Keep product size the same, but charge moreKeep price the same however reduce the product size

since they don’t want to lose profits, and also raising prices can drive client away, they usually select #3.

Reduce product dimension (but don’t lower the price).

We looked in ~ the price that Oreos going earlier to 1970, and found they’ve to be fooling consumers with this trick for at least 40 years now.

One year lock decrease the package size, yet keep the price the same.

The following year, they gain back the bigger package size, but likewise with a significant price increase.

This step-ladder approach to raising prices has actually taken the price per pound of Oreo cookies from $0.48 per pound in 1970 come $5.52 per lb in 2012 (using MSRP).

That’s a 1050% price boost in 42 years.

But that set off a new alarm.

See, according to the us government consumer Price index (CPI), inflation has only enhanced 499% during that exact same time.

This is clear proof the government is under-reporting the true inflation rate.

But it it s okay worse. Take a look in ~ this chart below:


The optimal black heat is the real price that Oreos. The bottom gray line is the us government’s idea of just how much inflation has actually occurred.

According to the government, Oreos must only expense $2.88 per pound today.

They really expense over $5.

See just how close the two lines room together ~ above the far left next of the graph?

That way that ago in the 1970’s the federal government inflation price was in reality pretty accurate.

Not anymore.

Look exactly how the “gap” in between the 2 lines start to rise after 1980.

And notice how much the genuine price has actually shot increase in simply the last couple of years.

The government data (bottom line) renders it look prefer inflation has actually leveled off due to the fact that 2010.

The Oreo line mirrors that actual Inflation is not only increasing, it’s accelerating.

It’s Not simply Oreo’s

The Oreo cookie inflation data is alarming, but let’s face it. Oreo’s don’t make a very big portion the anyone’s an individual budget.

So we took a look at other consumer goods. Things favor bread, milk, sugar, gasoline and also a dozen other common items people use every day.

The outcomes were stunningly similar. And several items confirmed far an ext “real” inflation than also the Oreo cookie example.

The conclusion? higher inflation is already here … and it’s only going to get worse.

So … Why Is any kind of of This Important?

Once you see the indications of inflation, also if that is hidden, it speak you to do preparations.

Once inflation access time in clearly shows form, scare will set in.

Right now, the US government says inflation is at 2.65%.

We know it’s really lot higher, however the basic public isn’t too concerned because the federal government number is for this reason low.

But … the federal government can’t hide true inflation forever.

Once they begin reporting 10%, 15% … or 20+% inflation, the public will panic. Stock sectors will stumble. Financial security will crumble. And also an economic disaster worse 보다 2008 will certainly be ~ above us.

Here’s what’s scary. It will certainly come upon united state much much faster than many realize.

Noted economist Amity Shales puts that this way:

The thing around inflation is that it comes the end of nowhere and also hits you. It’s like sailing. You’re gliding along, pass the peninsula, and also you come about. Nothing. Then the wind fills the sail so quick it knocks you into the sea. Ideal now, the U.S. Is a sailboat that has just made open up water, and also has currently come about. That wind is coming. The sailor just doesn’t understand it.

“Sudden” has actually happened to united state before. In people War I, inflation walk from1% because that 1915 come 7% in 1916 come 17% in 1917. To returning vets, the felt horrible sudden.

You should Take activity … the Sooner the Better

Now is the time to take benefit of inflation-hedged investments.

By the time government-reported inflation hits double digits, it will certainly be also late.

Elevation team members have accessibility to 5 different ways to protect themselves from the coming inflation.

These techniques aren’t just around “getting by.” They’ll help you to yes, really prosper … and also even come to be incredibly rich in the process.

Just among those strategies has returned 363% due to the fact that 2008 (and it’s not gold, stocks or genuine estate).

Once inflation hits, this investment is poised come possibly twin or triple that return.

With her membership, you’ll also gain instant accessibility to 14 various other “black-box” investment methods the ultra-rich room using right now to protect and grow their wealth.

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