Does anyone know anything around scooters? my girlfriend just bought a little 50cc scooter the otherday. If ns were to go outside and also start it right now it will.. But I should rev that or miscellaneous to keep it going. The second I avoid it will certainly die, and then i can"t begin it increase again unless I wait because that a tiny bit... So that way if she were to journey it come the store she wouldnt be coming back anytime soon.... Go anyone know just how to resolve this? or go me through it?

I"m no sure how these work, yet is over there an actual throttle cable? If there is, perform you desire to resolve the trouble properly, or just fix the so that works? my cousin has actually an 80"s F-150 that does the exact same thing so what ns did is put zip ties top top the throttle cable. The cable goes indigenous the pedal come the carb and there is a little washer for this reason the cable can"t just go with the pedal. If you put zip ties in between the pedal and also washer, it"s prefer you constantly have the gas on just a tiny bit to store it running. Every this does is provide you a high idle, however your car won"t die. I"m not sure if you have the right to do this ~ above a scooter or not, yet it may be precious a look.

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This is what the text post says " The throttle cable might need a small adjustment. It"s top top the next of the carbuerator through the cable. I"m so sorry."

I"m no sure exactly how it works on scooters, yet on a vehicle the accelerator body (or carb for enlarge ones) is open just the slightest amount to obtain air in therefore ignite the fuel. Gradually the cable it s okay stretched and also no longer has actually that small bit of tension so it may simply need an mediate on the cable. I"d shot to do that beings the it"s the cheapest option.
002 created I"m no sure exactly how it works on scooters, however on a car the accelerator body (or carbohydrate for older ones) is open simply the slightest amount to gain air in so ignite the fuel. Over time the cable gets stretched and no longer has that small bit of stress so that may simply need an adjustment on the cable. I"d try to carry out that beings that it"s the cheapest option.Okay. Currently to discover a video showing how haha thank you!
Check the carbohydrate too. Solved a friends, to be doing the same thing. Carbohydrate was clogged and not shoot fuel in choose it have to at idle.

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Okay for this reason ATM I just fixed it... I found a hose simply laying on the engine!? but then I experienced liquid and also could smell gas just running down the next of the bike....... Opened it up and also found this point (pic will be post at home) and also I plugged the hose right into that side. And then discovered a random various other spot open up on the engine.... Plugged the in and now it runs totally fine... Hopefully it doesn"t punch up now...
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