Hi! i am new to this forum, & was described come right here for my question. Recently, end the month the October I have actually noticed a sudden difference in the habits of mine hamster. First I will provide you some information, then i will comment on my concern.

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Information around my hamster:

Age - 1 year, 4 Months.

Gender - Male.

Species - Syrian.

He has actually never had actually a health trouble in his life.

Changes in behavior:

Drinks more water 보다 usual.

Goes come the bathroom much more often than usual.

Doesn"t eat as much food as he offered to.

Now i will define what is walking on.

My hamster has been drinking more water than usual lately - approximately 2 or much more ounces a day. That is 6 times the quantity a normal hamster drinks per day. To put that into perspective, a normal healthy hamster drink 2 teaspoons per day, while mine hamster drink about 12 teaspoons. The is an incredibly big difference. I can"t remember an exact date, yet it has been over a month where I have actually noticed he goes to the bathroom plenty of times a day, over 5 time which is inexplicable for mine hamster. He goes come the restroom in the corner of his cage whereby I place newspaper for him to walk to the toilet on since it conserves me a ton that bedding the would have actually otherwise visited waste, because he goes to the bathroom so much. The various other day I visited take out the newspaper and also I made decision to smell it to check out if it had the odor of pee, and also it did not. The smelled favor pure water, and additionally looked choose water. - but of course i couldn"t be certain that it was clear due to the fact that it was on a tan newspaper, so now I inserted down some level which paper in the corner. Right when he visited the bathroom ns looked in ~ it & rather of your normal yellow, it was clear. It looked favor someone just dumped a container the water on it. There to be absolutely no scent or shade to it. Now that I gained that the end of the way, he also isn"t eating really much either. I never ever see that in his food key eating, and also I have actually been dumping out full bowls that food that went stale everyday, as soon as I offered to be dumping out simply a pair leftover piece from what he never ever ate. Those are all of the changes I have actually seen through my hamster, various other than the I have seen no changes on mine hamster himself. Ns stopped providing him treats a while back because that won"t also eat his continuous food.

So after every one of the information I provided, my question is, is over there something wrong through my hamster? have you guys ever before had problems like this, if therefore what occurred in your situation? I want to recognize if this might be diabetes or some other health issue. If friend guys could please assist me the end that would be awesome, ASAP would certainly be great.

If this is other that requirements vet care, unfortunately that would not it is in an choice for me. My mom & ns have disputed it countless times, however she quiet believes that no matter what- hamsters execute not need vet care and also should no be cure the same method dogs and cats do. She is really anti-rodent and also wants nothing to carry out with them. She will not permit me spend money on vet care for him, since she walk not think that castle should gain vet care like dogs and cats. My mommy is no mean, the is simply her beliefs. I understand it is for sure wrong, yet I can not force her to readjust her psychic on the way she sees hamsters. She need to think that due to the fact that of their dimension they aren"t other you can love together much, everything the reason is, my suggest is that vet treatment is not an option. I hope it is naught serious, however if that is, tips on how to deal with it at residence would it is in a good help.

Thank girlfriend all! rapid responses space appreciated. As I said, this is my an initial time comes on this forum, so ns am no sure just how many human being visit this website, and how quick I will gain a response. Thanks for her time!



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Hmm, this might be diabetes. I can"t carry out much info, however you have to make certain that her hamster is eating, drinking, peeing and also pooping especially eating due to the fact that you seem concerned about that. Shot to at least call a hamster experienced vet because that advice (search online if friend can"t uncover any). There have to be a subject by dusty somewhere close to the start of the ailments and injuries ar with different health issues. Look up the symptoms. Look in ~ the start area, you need to see a topic called A-Z common hamster illnesses or something like that

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Hmm, this can be diabetes. I can"t carry out much info, yet you have to make certain that her hamster is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping particularly eating due to the fact that you it seems to be ~ concerned about that. Shot to at least speak to a hamster experienced vet for advice (search digital if girlfriend can"t uncover any). There need to be a thread by dusty somewhere near the start of the ailments and injuries section with different health issues. Look increase the symptoms. Look in ~ the beginning area, you must see a topic referred to as A-Z usual hamster illnesses or something choose that

I was thinking diabetes too. He have to be eating a tiny bit the food due to the fact that he is pooping, and also he certainly is drinking water & peeing. I will shot to find information on the symptoms of diabetes in hamsters online. Thanks for the help!



You can buy keto diastix for fairly cheap OTC to test his urine. This doesn"t sound choose diabetes to me, due to the fact that diabetes typically comes v a voracious appetite, while your hamster is no eating. In fact, it"s one of the three main symptoms the diabetes. However diabetes should certainly be ruled out, and this is basic to perform at home by experimentation his urine.

My guess would certainly be this is more likely pertained to some type of kidney issue, or maybe a hormonal disorder. Those causes are likely not going to be treatable, specifically not there is no vet care. Yet even with vet care, many of the problems would most likely not it is in treatable in a hamster.

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I"m walk to second the kidney pertains to nebit mentioned. Thirst and excessive urination is the body trying to flushsomething the end - through diabetes, it"s too lot glucose, but your body also does that through too much salt, when you"ve ingested a toxin, the body producing too lot of a hormone (e.g. Cortisol), etc. The appetite concern could be an additional symptom or it might be a result of being full from drink so much.

A pair questions:

- has anything readjusted in his cage in between September and October? Anything brand-new he"s been exposed to?