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Jason Kempin/Getty pictures for CMAEric Church attends the The 54th annual CMA Awards at Nashville’s Music City facility on Wednesday, November 11, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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It took Eric Church a small while to number out that sunglasses would aid him perform an ext comfortably.

“Early ~ above in Church’s career, from 2006 until around 2009, you might see his eye on his album covers and in his videos,” CMT‘s Alison Bonaguro notes. “But by the moment ‘Smoke a small Smoke’ came around, Church had actually put his sunglasses on for good.”

These days, however, it’s uncommon to watch Church without his signature shades. And if you’ve wondered precisely which shades they are, they room aviator sunglasses, a format often worn through pilots and also popularized through Ray-Ban.

You deserve to Buy Eric Church Sunglasses

Church performs “Through mine Ray-Bans” in the video above.

For $20, you can gain your own official sunglasses from the Eric Church website. If Church is obviously well known for donning this style of sunglasses, fans of his concerts also know the Church gets a unique nickname when the glasses walk on.

Sounds favor Nashville reports that Church and his band have a good laugh around the phase personality that develops when the shades walk on.

“The band beginning joking through me, when I placed the hat and also sunglasses on, they walk ‘Alright, its cook time, Chief’s here,"” Church told the outlet. “But ns laughed about it, it to be a joke.”

Church’s sunglasses space so much a component of his look, he actually provides headlines when he shows up without them. Taste of nation reported top top Church’s sunglass-less power of ‘Like Jesus Does’ in ~ the 2013 ACM Awards. Headlines also get made as soon as Church transforms the format of his sunglasses, such as as soon as he to be spotted attract Wayfarers instead of Aviators by One Country.

Eric Church Did have a Recent health and wellness Scare

Y"all pray because that Eric Church. He has every little thing affliction that requires you come wear sunglasses every the time.

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— Clay cook (
theclaycook) September 19, 2022

Fans often wonder if over there is a medical reason the Church wears shades. Pan of the singer understand that Church has had some recent health and wellness problems, however no severe ocular health difficulties have been reported. As soon as it involves underlying health reasons for his sunglasses, the worst medical concern going ~ above is dry eyes, which space a typical complaint among contact lens wearers.

However, back in 2018, People reported the Church was taking care of a blood clot in his chest, something the kept mystery from pan for around a year.