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Josiecool from Chippewa FallsIn wedding bell blues go billy Davis expropriate Marilyn McCool proposal?Seventhmist native 7th HeavenDelightfully rendered by Marilyn McCoo, that married her "Bill" (Billy Davis Jr) the adhering to year and celebrated 50 years v him in 2019.Barry native Sauquoit, NyExactly fifty years today on November 2nd, 1969 the 5th Dimension"s "Wedding Bell Blues" peaked in ~ #1 3 weeks top top Billboard"s top 100 chart...It also reached #1 on Billboard"s Adult modern-day Tracks chart and #1 in new Zealand...As listed above, "Wedding Bell Blues" was created by Laura Nyro, her initial version peaked in ~ #103 for 1 week ~ above January 1st, 1967 top top Billboard"s Bubbling Under the height 100 chart...The remainder of the peak 10 ~ above November 2nd, 1969 was:At #2. "Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Last week"s #1 record, and it was likewise the critical of his eighteen #1 records#3. "Come Together" by The Beatles#4. "I Can"t obtain Next come You" through The Temptations#5. "Baby It"s You" through Smith#6. "Sugar, Sugar" by The Archies#7. "Hot funny In The Summertime" through Sly and also the family Stone#8. "And once I Die" through Blood, Sweat and Tears#9. "Something" through The Beatles#10. "Smile A tiny Smile because that Me" by The paris Machine...Original 5th Dimension member Ron Townson passed away on respectable 2nd, 2001 in ~ the age of 68...Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 7th 1969, the fifth Dimension perform "Wedding Bell Blues" on the CBS-TV regime "The Ed Sullivan Show"...Three months previously on September 27th it gone into Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart; and also on November 2nd, 1969 it peaked in ~ #1 (for 3 weeks) and also spent 15 mainly on the height 100...Original group member Ron Townson passed away on august 2nd, 2001 at the age of 68...May the R.I.P.Staley indigenous Dallas, TxI love exactly how this track is the "Blues" yet the tone is so happy--you understand Bill is going to marry her.Steve Dotstar native Los Angeles, CaA favourite of mine during the at an early stage 70"sI love the production and also Marilyn Mc Coo"s voice! Hi, Marilyn! friend sang the beautifully!!!SteveoAdam indigenous Philadelphia, PaYou can discover Laura Nyro"s initial version, and also "And when I Die," and "Stoney End," on her first album (from 1966), reissued together "The very first Songs." The other songs are simply as good and organize up far better than the 5th Dimension"s somewhat schmaltzier take it on her work, which included several various other songs as well as this.Ken from Louisville, KyWhen they performed this tune on phase or top top TV, McCoo would certainly sing this song straight to Davis who would do funny quizzical faces throughout her performace. This was part of the stage act, the two did gain married later on that year, and still room married today.Richard native Talladega, AlCheck out Marilyn"s CD "The Me nobody Knows". Ns think it"s the end of print but obtainable used. Discover it fast! Musicmama from brand-new York, NyMuch as I choose The 5th Dimension, ns think that it boundaries on the criminal the the only mention Laura Nyro has on this website is as the writer of this song. She was probably the many inventive, and also the many feminine (and i don"t average girly) lyricist and also performer the the rock"n"roll era. The thing is, she performances were an extremely quirky and she didn"t have the exact same kind of stage presence as, say, Joni Mitchell or Suzanne Vega. However they and also any number of other performers credit transaction her influence on them.Carol indigenous Irwin, PaI was date a guy named Bill as soon as this track was popular and also it was so embarassing as soon as it come on the radio....because ns DID want to marry him. Didn"t happen.....Steve E. From Des Moines, IaWithout a doubt, Marilyn McCoo to be the solitary most underated mrs vocalist that this era... Too poor she enabled herself come be surprise amidst a quintet and while a loving husband (Billy Davis, Jr.) a decidedly less talented performer. If the 90"s would have actually been her time, she would have actually have outdone any of the plethora of female artist of the era! Martin indigenous Sydney, AustraliaI offered to work for a department Of social Security call centre. We had a compilation document playing on-hold music that contained this song. We received a complain from a single Parent Pension recipient around constantly hearing the lyric "Marry me Bill, I gained the wedding bell blues".see an ext comments
i Melt through YouModern English

"I"ll Melt through You" by contemporary English is around a pair who melt together since a atom bomb drops.

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Yellow LedbetterPearl Jam

Eddie Vedder often changes the words when he sings "Yellow Ledbetter." The basic story is around a man whose brother dies in the very first Gulf War. Apparently, poor news in the military is given in yellow envelopes.

It"s my PartyLesley Gore

The lyrics for Lesley Gore"s "It"s my Party" were based on actual events relating come his daughter Judy"s sweet 16 party. The teens threw a tantrum and burst right into tears when her mum and also dad insisted that her grandparents had to it is in invited.

Bust A MoveYoung MC

Young MC reflects up in the George Clooney movie up In The air performing his fight "Bust A Move."

Brass In PocketPretenders

Chrissie Hynde got the phrase "Brass In Pocket" indigenous a north England slang term meaning you had actually some money, "brass" an interpretation coins.

constantly On my MindWillie Nelson

Songwriter Wayne Carson came up v "Always On my Mind" ~ above the phone come his wife once he to be apologizing to her for gift stuck in ~ the office.

WeezerFact or Fiction

Did Rivers Cuomo flourish up ~ above a commune? Why walk they name their albums after colors? See exactly how well you recognize your Weezer in this reality or Fiction.

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Allen Toussaint - "Southern Nights"They"re play My song

A song he wrote and also recorded indigenous "sheer spirituality inspiration," Allen"s didn"t think "Southern Nights" had hit potential till Glen Campbell take it it to #1 2 years later.

Sam PhillipsSongwriter Interviews

Collaborating through T Bone Burnett, Leslie Phillips adjusted her name and also left her Christian brand behind - Robert Plant, that recorded among her songs on increasing Sand, is a fan.

Lajon Witherspoon the SevendustSongwriter Interviews

The Sevendust frontman talks around the group"s songwriting process, and how trips come the murder Bar helped build their latest album.

Philip CodySongwriter Interviews

A talented lyricist, Philip helped revive Neil Sedaka"s career v the words to "Laughter In The Rain" and also "Bad Blood."

decision WatersSongwriter Interviews

Waters speak the "Gypsy Woman" story, shares some of her songwriting insights, and explains exactly how Dennis Rodman finished up on among her songs.