Most of the world"s ideal golfers are competing in Memphis this week at the 2020 WGC FedEx St. Jude Invitational and also in the Reno-Tahoe area at the 2020 Barracuda Championship, and also you"ll an alert many are playing when wearing a rainbow ribbon on their hats or clothing this week.

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The factor players room wearing a rainbow ribbon top top is in assistance of other PGA tourism player Camilo Villegas and also his wife, Maria, after their 22-month-old daughter Mia died this main after a brief battle with tumors in her mind and on she spine.

Villegas spoke about his daughter"s condition in June, as soon as he was urged by his mam to beat in the Korn Ferry Tour"s season resumption at the Korn Ferry Challenge. He claimed the household realized Mia was in pain in February.

Villegas was in his house gym, working out, as soon as Mia come in. The four-time PGA tourism winner explained his daughter as a "little monkey" when she comes in the gym to spend time v her dad. On the day, though, Mia wasn"t acting favor her typical self. After part doctor"s visits, Mia was diagnosed through cancerous tumors in her brain and on her spine. She underwent chemotherapy, yet the therapy was no enough.

In a present of support for the Villegas, a rainbow ribbon to be chosen.

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"When ns was walking end to the tee, among the media males with the PGA Tour discussed that Mia"s favorite thing was rainbows," said other pro and Florida alum Billy Horschel ~ above Wednesday, "so it"s cool the we have actually rainbow pins this week that we will certainly be wearing and also showing support to Camilo and also Maria."

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