Some terms describe the physics pieces provided to rally the flag, and some terms describe the elements of the flag, identifying your position and location regarding flag design. 

And no every flag is developed equally. The flag of the USA can be configured differently for distinct applications.


Basic parts of the American Flag 




Header (or heading) - The header is a band that material put on the pole side (hoist) of the flag, it offer to certain the flag to the halyard line. The header is typically made the a special cotton/poly blend that feels like canvas.

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Grommet - A metal ring or eyelet embedded in the header. These are usually make of brass and also used come secure an the end flag.

Canton - Technically the canton deserve to be any type of quarter of the flag. In contemporary flag design it usually describes the top left corner (upper hoist), which is the position that honor. The canton that the united state flag is likewise called the Union - the blue background whereby the 50 stars space sewn or appliqued.

Field - the background or predominant shade of the flag.

Fly End - The fly finish is the edge of the flag furthest away from the pole. The ax fly is used to describe the length of the flag, and also the fly end is the side the is not secured. By nature, it "flies" freely and endures the many stress or whip.



Position Terms supplied to describe the American Flag 



Hoist - The ax hoist is offered to refer to the half (and edge) the next to where the flag is hung. It additionally refers come the street from optimal to bottom the the flag. This is confusing due to the fact that it is a vertical measurement, yet describes the flag"s width.

Upper Hoist - Imagine the flag is broken into four quadrants and also each quadrant is called for the edges it borders, the upper hoist is the top left corner.

Lower Hoist - reduced left quadrant the the flag, nearest to the flag pole

Fly - The term paris is provided to describe the fifty percent and leaf of the flag the is furthest far from the pole. The can additionally be supplied to describe the length (horizontal measurement) that the flag.

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Upper Fly - the top quarter of the flag furthest away from the pole

Lower Fly - bottom ideal quadrant that the flag

Fly End- The fly end is the edge of the flag the is furthest away from the pole - the finish that "flies" freely.

Position of respect - The place of respect is typically the upper hoist. This is likewise commonly referred to as the canton. Many colony flags usage this area to respect their judgment country. Australia is currently independent yet the flag that Australia