these, the bond is called an ionic bond. One ionic link is the electrons space transferred the atoms, giving them a charge. 

Which list explains the properties of a liquid? A. Solved volume, definite form B. Resolved volume, take away the shape of that contain



Explanation: parameters:

Mass of CO₂ = 2.52mole


Mass of CO₂ in the mole = ?


To fix this problem, we usage the mole concept.

variety of moles (mol) =



fixed (g) = number of moles(mol) x molar mass(g/mol)

Molar fixed of CO₂ = 12 + 2(16) = 44g/mol

Mass(g) = 2.52 mole x 44g/mole

Mass(g) = 110.88g


molarity is the no of mole of solute every unit volume.

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We deserve to calculate lot of CaCl2 compelled to prepare 0.1 M CaCl2 1000 ml solution.

we understand that to prepare one ltr the 1 M equipment of CaCl2 111 g compelled

Now consider x gram will call for to prepare to

so the comparing over both condition

1000ml ×1M×X g=1000ml×0.1M×111g

X= 11.1 gram

X= 11.1 g the CaCl2

Hinvernessgangshow.netce 11.1 g the CaCl2 would be dissolved in 1.0L the a 0.100 M systems of CaCl2

A deserve to of peas and carrots has actually 2 typed of issue (peas and also carrots) that deserve to be separated my physical means. (You deserve to do it with a spoon). One more example= noodle soup, a snickers bar
If i have actually two atoms, atom a has actually 34 protons, 45 neutrons, and also 34 electrons, atom b has 35 protons, 45 neutrons, 35electrons. What

The atomic symbol of one eleminvernessgangshow.nett is as:


where X is price of the eleminvernessgangshow.nett, Z is the atom number and also A is the mass variety of the eleminvernessgangshow.nett.

The number of protons presinvernessgangshow.nett in an atom is the idinvernessgangshow.nettity the the variety of eleminvernessgangshow.nett i beg your pardon is same to the atomic variety of the eleminvernessgangshow.nett, i beg your pardon is distinct for every eleminvernessgangshow.nett.

The sum of number of neutrons and protons in an atom is mass variety of that atom.

The info for Atom A is:

34 protons

45 neutrons

34 electrons

Since, variety of protons = atomic number. So, atomic number of Atom A is 34. The eleminvernessgangshow.nett through atomic number 34 is selinvernessgangshow.netium,


The variety of protons and electrons is same i.e. 34 because that an atom thus, the atom A is a neutral atom.

The fixed number = variety of protons + variety of neutrons

Mass number of atom A =


Thus, atom A is


The info for Atom B is:

35 protons

45 neutrons

35 electrons

Since, number of protons = atomic number. So, atomic variety of Atom B is 35. The eleminvernessgangshow.nett v atomic number 35 is bromine,


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The mass number = number of protons + number of neutrons

Mass number of atom B =


The number of protons and electrons is very same i.e. 35 for an atom thus, the atom B is a neutral atom.