Which strength did farmers, merchants and artisans ultimately gain in the roman inn republic?

The capability to elect officials who could veto regulations harmful to plebeians.

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How did roman inn authorities treat conquered people?

Required lock to pay taxes to Rome.

Which public criterion did the roman inn republic pass on come future civilizations?

Representation of citizens in a law-making body.

Which conditions were true of women in the early Roman republic? pick all that apply.

◦They increased their children. ◦They were supposed to obey masculine heads that the household. ◦They functioned at home.

Which statement is true of old Roman religion? pick all that apply.

◦Romans organized public feasts. ◦Romans worshiped with rituals in front of city temples.

Which social policy straight reflected the excesses symbolized through chariot races?

Bread and circuses

As Rome’s very first emperor, how did Augustus construct a secure government?

By developing a civil organization to obtrude Rome’s laws.

Why were military leaders maybe to academy the roman inn empire?

They were much more popular 보다 the senate.

Which event triggered the civil wars that finished Augustus’s climb as emperor?

The assassination of Julius Caesar.

Which condition made the west Roman realm vulnerable come attack?

internal strife.

Why to be Horace, Martial, and Juvenal popular poets?

They satirized roman society.

Which important urban need was met by this structure, made feasible by roman engineering?

Clean water (#sub2slazo)

Why go the writings of the poet Virgil and also the chronicler Livy emphasis on the rise and also fall of roman power?

They want to arouse patriotism and also restore timeless Roman virtues.

Which of the following helped unify the provinces under the roman inn empire?

The law of nations.

Which precedents did establishments of the roman republic set?

representative government.

Which article was Jesus trying to convey v these words?

Mercy and sympathy because that the poor and also helpless.

Jesus’s admonition to "love her neighbor as yourself" best reflects which legal rule rooted in both Judaism and also Christianity?

Equality before the law.

In which Christian texts are the teachings that Jesus recorded?


How walk martyrs aid spread Christianity?

They confirmed the strength of Christian beliefs.

Which of these facets of the early on life that Jesus imply his future importance? pick all the apply.

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◦He to be descended indigenous King David that Israel. ◦An angel spoke come his mother before birth.