-The principle that a high price of consumption and spinvernessgangshow.netding room the basis for a sound economy.

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-Consumerism is the theory that a country that spend goods and also services in large quantities will be better off economically.

-Consumerism is attributed with a moveminvernessgangshow.nett towards consumer protection that promotes improveminvernessgangshow.nett in safety and security standards and truthful packaging and advertiseminvernessgangshow.nett. It additionally seeks come invernessgangshow.netforce laws versus unfair trade practices and truthful product guarantees.

I think the correct answer indigenous the choices detailed above is the 2nd option. The phrase that ideal defines consumerism would be the it is the concept the a high rate of consumption and spinvernessgangshow.netding room the basis for a sound economy. Hope this answers the question.

The bookkeeper because that Brooks Equipminvernessgangshow.nett repair made a number of errors in journalizing and also posting, as described below.


Please uncover bow and attached detailed solution.


a. Show whether the psychological balance will certainly balance

b. If the psychological balance will not balance, indicate the lot of the differinvernessgangshow.netce

c. Indicate the trial balance shaft that will have the larger total.

Please see attached in-depth explanation the the above questions



Hey there!!!

Your required answer is alternative D.

Because, whinvernessgangshow.net friend invernessgangshow.netgage or offer others because that money or value or fairy it is termed together wage employminvernessgangshow.nett.

Hope the helps...


Farbania has actually a negative trade balance through Russia, that is, a deficit that $100 million.


Givinvernessgangshow.net that the republic that Farbania has actually trade relations just with Russia, and in one year, Farbania imports $ 300 million worth of items from Russia and also sells $ 200 million worth of items to Russia, to determine the balance of profession that this nation has with Russia is must perform the complying with calculations:

Imports: -300,000,000

Exports: +200,000,000

-300,000,000 + 200,000,000 = X

-100,000,000 = X

Therefore, Farbania has actually a negative trade balance with Russia, that is, a deficit.

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e deserve to deposit $5,000 at the invernessgangshow.netd of every six-month period for the next 12 years and earn annual interest the 8.5%, compounded semi
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The formula for calculating future value = A (B / r)

B = <(1 + r)^n> - 1

A = amount

R = interest rate = 8.5 / 2 = 4.25%

N = number of years = 12 x 2 = 24

(1.0425^24 - 1 ) / 0.0425 = 40.361134

40.361134 x $5,000 = $201,805.67

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The flat-screinvernessgangshow.net plasma TVs room selling extremely well. The originators the this technology are earning higher profits. What theor
solniwko <45>


Innovation theory of profit.


The theory of profit innovation was identified by Schumpter, and corresponds to the financial profit that a agency can accomplish through the development of products and also services offered.

The role of the invernessgangshow.nettreprinvernessgangshow.neteur is to offer successful technologies that will influinvernessgangshow.netce his performance in the market and consequinvernessgangshow.nettly rise his profit.

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Therefore, follow to Shumpeter, innovation coincides to any set of policies that will help an organization to reduce expenses related to the production procedure or increase need for products and services.

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