Learn about powdered sugar, exactly how it’s used, and also get tips for making your own. This is a great trick when you need some for a recipe yet don’t have it top top hand – it’s simpler than friend think!

When I very first started baking, ns didn’t really know the ingredients and also how lock work. Sure, i knew the difference in between flour and sugar, yet if you’d ask me the difference between granulated sugar and powdered sugar, I most likely would have actually said, ‘oh, one’s fluffy, and one’s not!”

Needless to say, once I started learning much more about various ingredients, mine baking improved and also so now I’m back in teacher mode. It’s an excellent to understand what it is and how it works so you have the right to bake with an ext confidence.

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What Is Powdered Sugar

Powdered street is granulated street that has actually been carefully processed v cornstarch. As soon as the sugar granules room processed, they failure to a really fine powder. So, ns wasn’t too much off the note with the “one’s fluffy and also one’s not” analysis – confectioner’s street is usually granulated sugar in a light and also fluffy form.

But lock don’t plot the same means in recipes! Granulated street in baked products makes lock airy and also crispy. Powdered sugar renders things softer and also denser. So, they’re not necessarily interchangeable interchangeable in recipes.



Is confectioner’s sugar powdered sugar?

Yep, they space the same thing. It’s additionally called icing sugar. Ns think it depends on wherein you’re from, however whether it’s referred to as confectioner’s street or icing sugar, it’s all the very same powdered sugar.

How plenty of cups are in a pound of powdered sugar?

A crate of powdered sugar is typically one lb which is around 3 ½ cups.

How do you measure powdered sugar?

You should measure it the same means you do flour – through the spoon and level method.

Is over there a powdered sugar substitute?

Yes, you have the right to make your own powdered sugar v granulated sugar and cornstarch. This is a great hack as soon as you require some because that a recipe but don’t have any kind of on hand.

How to do Confectioner’s Sugar

You will require a high-speed blender to make her own. A food processor or continual blender won’t it is in able to failure the sugar enough.

The ratio is one cup that granulated street to one tablespoon cornstarch, which equals about two cup powdered. You have the right to scale the up or down if friend need much more or less for her recipe.

Place lock both in your blender and process at high rate until the sugar is light and fluffy.


Different means to usage It

Sometimes recipes speak to for powdered instead of granulated street – shortbread is one example of this. Powdered street is not always interchangeable through granulated sugar, so it’s constantly best to monitor what the recipe recommends.

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Where powdered sugar gets a the majority of mileage is through glazes, frostings, and icings. It can be as an easy as mix some v water or lemon juice to make a straightforward glaze or utilizing a mixer to do a light and also creamy frosting.

How to do icing will count on the recipe you room using, but it’s typically a combination of butter, hefty cream, and sugar. You have the right to customize the base through all type of flavors to do a range of frostings. Right here are my favorite frosting recipes:

With as lot baking i do, I’m not often caught without powdered sugar once I need it. Yet there have been a couple of times and also making your very own is yes, really easy and also saves a expedition to the store. That’s a success in my publication – i hope you’ve uncovered this short article helpful!