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11. I beg your pardon of this most plainly distinguishes dialectical poetry from various other types?iambic pentametera distinctive happiness scheme and metersymbolism that represents too much oppositeslanguage the is details to a geographic location12. "Five mile meandering through a mazy motion..."Which of these is exemplified by this line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge"s "Kubla Khan"?alliterationassonanceconsonanceonomatapoeia

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11.) A 12.) B

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11. Language Poetry uses language the is specific to a geographical location12. Alliteration because alliteration is when something starts v the same letter choose "apples and also alligator ale mode. "

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AnakKrakatau1883:Mercedes created shade panels because that a wall using a mix of only green and also yellow paints.

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AquarytheALPHA:HOW DID ns DO?!
paperdoor24:x+b-27=92 b=98 what walk x equel
KyledaGreat:Consider the adhering to functions. F(x)=3sqrtx and g(x) = sqrtx-1 u221a x and g(x)= u221a xu22121 find the formula because that (f+g)(x) and also simplify your answer.
kekeman:When iron steel reacts v sulfuric acid, it produces steel (III) sulfate and hydrogen gas.
AquarytheALPHA:Does anyone wanna view a illustration I did?
kekeman:"High-profile users tweeted about the journey to aid victims of the earthquake, and many of their followers tweeted and also re-tweeted the message, help the R
kekeman:"Having prove its flexibility as a high-tech newswire, Twitter drew the fist of those who would favor to see specific information suppressed.

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kekeman:Choose the ideal sentence v a an adverse connotation - spelling COUNTS! * before the town could evacuted, the villainis dragon flew under upon them.