1. Exclusive manage by one team of the method of producing or selling a commodity or service: "Monopoly frequently ... Occurs from government support or from collusive agreements among individuals" (Milton Friedman).

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b. Something the is specifically possessed or controlled: confirmed that scientific success is not a masculine monopoly.

3. (Law) law the exclusive appropriate or privilege granted come a person, company, etc, through the state come purchase, manufacture, use, or market some commodity or to lug on trade in a specified nation or area
(Games, other than specified) trademark a board video game for two to 6 players that throw dice to development their tokens about a board, the object gift to get the home on which their tokens land
<1525–35; monopōlium monopṓlion=mono- mono- + -pōlion, derivative the pōleîn come sell>
an exclusive manage of a commodity or company in a specific market, or a manage that makes possible the manipulation that prices. — monopolist, n. — monopolistic, adj.
monopoly - (economics) a sector in which over there are plenty of buyers but only one seller; "a syndicate on silver"; "when you have a monopoly you have the right to ask any kind of price you like"
market, marketplace, sector place - the people of commercial task where goods and also services are bought and sold; "without vain there would certainly be no market"; "they were thrust from the marketplace"
economic science, economics, political economic situation - the branch of social scientific research that encounters the production and distribution and consumption that goods and services and their management
ascendance, ascendancy, ascendence, ascendency, dominance, regulate - the state the exists as soon as one human or team has power over another; "her noticeable dominance of her husband was yes, really her attempt to do him pay fist to her"
Monopoly - a board video game in which players try to acquire a syndicate on genuine estate together pieces advance around the board according to the throw of a die
B. CPD Monopolies and also Mergers Commission N (Brit) organismo regulador de monopolios y fusiones encargado de membranous por la libre competencia
(= control) → monopole ma state-owned syndicate → un monopole d"Étatto constitute a monopoly → constituer un monopoleto abolish a syndicate → abolir un monopolemonopoly over sth → monopole sur qchto have a syndicate over sth → avoir le monopole de qchmonopoly on sth → monopole sur qch
(fig) → monopole mto have a monopoly on sth → avoir le monopole de qchDoctors don"t have a syndicate on morality → Les médecins n"ont pas le monopole de la morale. Monopolies and Mergers Commission
(lit) → Monopol nt; monopoly place → Monopolstellung f; charcoal is a government monopoly → der Staat cap das Kohlenmonopol or das Monopol für Kohle; Monopolies and also Mergers board of directors (Brit) britisches Kartellamt
(fig) to have the or a monopoly on or of something → etw für sich gepachtet haben (inf); friend haven’t obtained a monopoly ~ above me → ich bin doch nicht dein Eigentum


® n (game) → monopoli ® m


n → monopolio
the sole ideal of making or selling something etc. This firm has a local syndicate of soap-manufacturing. Monopolie إحْتِكار монопол monopólio monopol das Monopol monopol; -monopol μονοπώλιοmonopolio monopol انحصار فروش monopoli monopoleמונופול एकाधिकार monopol monopólium monopoli einokun; einkaleyfi monopolio 独占 독점 monopolis monopols monopoli monopoliemonopol, enerettmonopol په انحصار خرڅونه monopólio monopol монополия monopol monopol monopol monopol, ensamrätt ระบบผูกขาด tekel 壟斷 монополія کسی کاروبار ر بلا شرکت غیرے قبضہ độc quyền 垄断
1. to have actually a syndicate of or over. They"ve monopolized the fruit-canning industry. Monopoliseer يَحْتَكِر имам монопол monopolizar (z)monopolizovat monopolosieren monopolisere μονοπωλώmonopolizar monopoliseerima حق امتیاز گرفتن monopolisoida monopoliser לְהִשתַלֵט एकाधिकार जमाना uvesti monopol monopolizál memonopoli einoka monopolizzare 独占する 독점하다 monopolizuoti monopolizēt memonopoli monopoliseren få monopol på, ha enerett på monopolizować امتياز اخيستل monopolizar a monopoliza монополизировать (z)monopolizovať imeti monopol monopolisati monopolisera, få (ha) monopol på ผูกขาด tekelleştirmek 壟斷 монополізувати تنہا تسلط ہونا độc quyền về cái gì 垄断
2. to take up the whole of (eg someone"s attention). She tries to monopolize the teacher"s attention. Alles vir homself hou يَسْتأثِر بِ монополизирам monopolizar zcela zaujmout mit Beschlag belegen lægge beslag på μονοπωλώ, απασχολώ εξ ολοκλήρου monopolizar oma ainuvalduses hoidma جذب کردن omia monopoliser לְהִשתַלֵט एकाधिकार प्राप्त करना zadržati isključivo pravo kisajátít magának memborong perkataan einoka; hleypa engum öðrum að monopolizzare 独占する 독차지하다 visiškai užvaldyti monopolizēt; pilnībā pārņemt memonopoli geheel in beslag nemenlegge beslag på monopolizować جذب كول monopolizar a monopoliza завладевать úplne zaujať polastiti se zauzimati ensam lägga beslag på ครอบครองคนเดียว kendi kontrolü altına almak 獨佔 заволодіти قبضہ کرنا độc chiếm 独占


→ احْتِكَارٌ monopol monopol Monopol μονοπώλιο monopolio monopoli monopole monopol monopolio 独占 독점 monopolie monopol monopol monopólio монополия monopol ระบบผูกขาด tekel sự độc quyền 垄断地位
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It indeed is, as we have said, typically gainful for a human to contrive to do a syndicate of anything; because that which reason some cities also take this an approach when they desire money, and monopolise their commodities.
He uncovered that he had actually a natural aptitude for the more muscular domestic duties, and his power in this direction fascinating Nutty, who prior to his development had had a syndicate of these tasks.

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And a according to hue-and-cry was elevated in the newspapers against "high rates and monopoly" to distract the minds of the world from the real concern of legitimate service versus stock-company bubbles.