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Disney fans know your Mouse house trivia, however sometimes even the finest of us can obtain stumped. One notoriously tricky Disney question? “How do you tell the difference in between Chip and Dale?” This is a funny one, and it has actually a really easy answer the you won’t soon forget… review on listed below to uncover out exactly how to tell the difference in between Chip ‘n’ Dale!

How come Tell the Difference in between Chip and Dale?

While the pair look at a little bit prefer twins, this rascally duo has caused some major headaches because that Donald Duck over the years…

Fun fact: in ~ the beginning, Chip ‘n’ Dale in reality looked really similar.

Too similar, in fact!

That’s why, over time, the creators and also animators at Disney realized the they essential some method to call the two tiny chipmunk munchkins apart.

To perform this, they made decision to make Chip watch one way, and also to have actually his counterpart Dale look one more way.

“Chip n’ Dale at the Visa Rewards Meet-And-Greet”byCastles, Capes & Clonesis license is granted underCC BY-ND 2.0

They do this readjust this order come tell lock apart, yes, yet also to to mark their unique character traits, funny characteristics, and personality features!


How carry out you call the difference in between Chip and Dale? Chip is the one v the black nose through two teeth best in the middle the come the end of his mouth and a round, smooth head. Dale is the one through the big red nose above two buckteeth through a gap and scruffy, confusing hair top top his head.

To recap:

Chip: black color nose, two centered teeth, round and smooth head.

Dale: red nose, gapped buckteeth, confusing head of hair.

“Disneyland bronze – Chip ‘n Dale”byDenise cross Photographyis licensed underCC by 2.0

According to one source, this was done partly due to the fact that “Chip is portrayed as being safe, focused, and having a mind for logical scheming. Dale, through contrast, is much more laid-back, dim-witted, and also impulsive, and also has a very solid sense that humor.”

How to Tell Chip and also Dale Apart

Well, there you have actually it! Now, once somebody inevitably asks you to tell Chip ‘n’ Dale apart, you’ll have the ability to right away.

" class="wp-image-24705" srcset=" 1024w, 300w, 768w, 1536w, 2048w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" />First look picture from the Disney+ original series “Chip ‘n’ Dale”

Chip has the black sleep (like a black chocolate chip!).

Dale has the red nose (like a dale full of red berries!).

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That means you, can always remember it and pick out Chip from Dale and Dale native Chip, in one instant.

If you’re much more of the visual type, here’s a Chip ‘n’ Dale infographic and even a video to assist you in the future. Share these on social media come blow your friends away!