Are you grounding on candy Crush level 30? there is nothing come worry due to the fact that cheats and hints are constantly available. Candy Crush level 30 is fairly tricky due to the fact that the developer put a lot of initiative when they set things top top this level. You need some help and overview to pass this level. The score of level 30 is to bring all ingredients all the method down to bottom and also make castle disappear. Besides, level 30 also require friend to clear a pyramid that meringues. The is the first step to do since ingredients can not be carried down if the blockers room there.

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Put your eye to emphasis on any type of formation that can gives you stripe candy. If friend can type striped candies in ~ the first move, you are basically won half of the game due to the fact that you have the right to use the strength of striped candies to clear those hateful blockers. The much more blockers you break the bigger possibility you need to win the game. When those blockers space gone, you deserve to have an ext chances to lug the ingredient under to bottom.

Now here is a hint because that those world who space stuck at candy Crush Saga level 30: the 2nd ingredient will only show up after you make the very first one disappeared. Thus, the is a have to to concentration on the shaft that has actually ingredient. The 2nd ingredient will appear once girlfriend swap it. So, save swapping at the shaft that is already cleared. Otherwise, you cannot beat this level with little moves. Save looking for methods to create vertical stripe candies since horizontal strip candies could not allow you bring the ingredient to the bottom one v move. You will certainly only need 30,000 to happen this level but many civilization could no reach 30,000. To save your precious time, do check out our video clip walkthrough below for a much better vision. You deserve to do it!

Candy crush Level 30 Rules

Level 30 – Lemonade Lake

Level 30 difficulty and Target

Level 29 must passed in order to play Level 30. Clear every the jelly and bring the ingredient under to the bottom as shortly as possible. The ingredient only shows up once in ~ a time so you have to stay emphasis to clean them off one through one. There are opportunities to form vertical strip candies and they room the key to success. Emphasis on jelly, then combos or striped candy to success level 30. The reward because that Level 30 is to walk to Level 31.

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Level 30 Star Scores

??? 60000

?? 40000

? 30000

Candy to like Saga Level 30 Strategy: video Guide

Candy crush Saga Level 30 – video Help

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