The scriptures is no doubt filled with life-affirming content, with the bibles guiding believer in our faith walk, helping describe God"s connection to humanity and offering a guide for just how we need to live, love and also interact with one another.

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What"s maybe most interesting is the the size of a scriptures verse or chapter frequently has small impact end the durable nature that the lessons that deserve to be learned.

Short or long, every holy bible verse or chapter has something come teach us.

So, what"s the shortest thing in the Bible, friend ask? Psalm 117 is both the shortest Psalm and the shortest chapter in the scriptures — yet it carries some important lessons.

Psalm 117: Praising God

Psalm 117 offers an important reminder that the prominence of praising God. City 1 reads, "Praise the Lord, every you nations; extol him, all you peoples."

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This verse tells the entire world to prayer God. Today, 2,000 years after Jesus" birth, death and also resurrection, people roughly the world in every nation still praise Christ.

Shortest thing in the Bible: Psalm 117 top top God"s Love

The holy bible tells united state throughout the new and Old Testaments the God loves His creation, and Psalm 117 — the shortest Psalm — affirms this reality.

The basic language that the message reminds us just how much the lord cares because that each and also every one of us. City 2 reads, in part, "For good is his love towards us."


Psalm 117: His Love Endures Forever

In enhancement to God"s extreme love for us, we are also told in verse 2 that "the believers of the mr endures forever."

His love and also his care for us never ever ceases. likewise has some funny facts about Psalm 117:

The shortest thing in the Bible, both in the number of verses and also words, is Psalm 117, with only two verses and also 17 words in Hebrew. Interestingly, Psalm 117 is additionally the center chapter that the Bible. The is the 595th chapter, v 594 chapters before it and also 594 chapters ~ it.

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Psalm 117 can be the shortest chapter in the Bible, but it is filled with an effective scriptures that offer us crucial reminders around our need for God and his undying love because that us.

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The chapter concludes, "Praise the Lord" — an proper ending to a theologically pack segment that scripture.