Want much more vapor? If friend answered yes, sub ohm vaping is the direction that you want to go. There to be a time no long ago when below ohm vaping was complicated but brand-new technology has actually made things lot easier. Our complete sub ohm vaping guide will help you uncover your path to an ext vapor. Us will acquire into the history and evolution and talk around the existing trends in vaping.

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We will also cover temperature regulate vaping. Temperature regulate vaping is a kind of below ohm vaping but instead of variable wattage, you set the atomizer temperature. What are the benefits or disadvantages of temp control vs. Regular sub ohm vaping? we will get into that together we walk along.

By the way, below ohm vaping deserve to be as easy as making use of the typical e-cig or vape mode you room using now. The finest example is the Apollo Ohm Go below ohm mod kit. The Ohm walk is a an extremely easy come use sub ohm vaping kit the does no require any type of adjustments of wattage or temperature. Yet I am obtaining a little ahead that myself! Let’s take it a minute and also begin in ~ the beginning.

What Is below Ohm Vaping?

What is sub ohm vaping? the is a an excellent question! We recognize that sub ohm vaping generates much more vapor than conventional vaping, however how? In a nutshell, below ohm vaping uses lower resistance atomizers to draw much more power native a much more powerful battery. More power rapidly drawn to the atomizer coil vaporizes an ext e-liquid. That method more vapor.

The term “sub ohm” comes from the truth that below ohm vaping entails vaping with atomizers with much less than 1.0 ohms the resistance. Conversely, conventional vaping entails using atomizers with much more than 1.0 ohms the resistance. The lower the resistance the an ext power will be attracted from the battery.

As us will gain into in the sub ohm vaping guide, atomizer coil resistances can range as low as 0.1 ohms. In fact, there space some coils that insurance claim to be non-resistant. Because that starters, you should focus on sub ohm coils in the 0.8 ohm come 0.2 ohm range. Many sub ohm vape tanks have a 0.5 ohm coil alternatives and that can be a nice ar to start. Friend will get plenty that vapor at 0.5 ohms!

Atomizer Coil Resistance

There to be a time not as well long back when you had to make your own coils if you want to try sub ohm vaping. Homemade coils and also mechanical mods to be popular, but potentially dangerous. Now, below ohm vaping is much more accessible thanks to improved technology. Today, you have the right to buy pre-built coils through an atomizer resistance below 1.0 ohms.

Sub ohm vape tanks may offer number of coil choices with a range of resistance levels. You do not have actually to construct your very own coils come enjoy huge sub ohm vapor production. Our below ohm vape guide will not cover just how to construct your own coils. The is a separate topic and one we recommend for more experienced sub ohm vapers. For below ohm vaping beginners, stick with regulated mods and sub ohm vape tanks.

The beauty, beauty of below ohm vaping this day is how accessible it is. V a regulation mod and also a top-quality below ohm tank, you do not have to be a techie to gain the clouds you space looking for.

Standard Vs. Sub Ohm Vaping – MTL vs DL

Standard vaping is making use of an atomizer with much more than 1.0 ohms of resistance. This is additionally referred to together mouth come lung vaping, or MTL. Mouth come lung vaping is when you draw the vapor right into your mouth and then inhale. This is the familiar way most world smoke a cigarette. That is why many vapers begin with through an MTL vape machine like the Neo venture vape starter kit.

With traditional MTL vaping, you commonly use an e-liquid that is at least 50% PG with a nicotine level that anywhere between 6 mg and also 24 mg. You will certainly not use a PG e-liquid for sub ohm vaping.

PG – propylene glycolVG – vegetable glycerinBoth PG and VG room food class additivesPG does not make as much vapor together VG however carries more flavorVG makes an ext vapor however may not have as lot throat hit

With below ohm vaping, you space using an atomizer below 1.0 ohms in resistance and directly inhaling the vapor into the lungs. This is sometimes called DL vaping, or direct lung. This is a different style of vaping and also may take it some gaining used to. Girlfriend may an alert less the a neck hit compared to conventional vaping but the various other side of the coin is the there is much much more vapor. You an alert a feeling of satisfaction particularly on the exhale.

Use VG E-Liquids

With sub ohm DL vaping, you will be utilizing an e-liquid that has an ext VG than PG. The higher the VG content, the more vapor can be produced. Cloud chasers like Max VG e-liquids. A 70/30 or 80/20 VG / PG ratio is the choice for many sub ohm vapers who want both the vapor and also the flavor.

One more very necessary thing. If girlfriend are analysis our sub ohm vaping overview it is probably since you want an ext vapor and also that’s what you will get! You will be inhaling much more vapor and that method you will not require any more than 6 mg the nicotine in her e-liquid. A VG e-liquid through either 3 mg or 6 mg that e-liquid must be all you require for a totally satisfying vape.

Sub Ohm Vaping Pros and Cons

Sub Ohm Vaping Pros:

Massive vapor productionDiverse range of productsMore flavor choicesInteractive: deserve to customize and readjust the vaping suffer at willSatisfying, flavorful, and also enjoyable vapor experience

Sub Ohm Vaping Cons

Uses much more e-juiceSome mods can be facility to useSome mechanically or cloned products can it is in dangerous

Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s regulation is all around the means electricity moves v a circuit. The covers the relationship in between volts, amps, and resistance. Mathematically, Ohm’s legislation is amps amounts to voltage (current) split by resistance. The formula is:

V = i R

V – the potential variation in between two clues eg. Volts

I – the present flowing v a resistance

R – resistance

Volts – the distinction in charge in between two pointsAmps – the price at which charge is flowing, currentResistance – a material’s tendency to stand up to flowWatts – volts time amps, the power created from a circuit

The wattage setting on your mode determines the product of Ohm’s law, the strength output. In other words the lot of power created through the procedure of drawing current from the battery to her atomizer coils. A mod that has a change power, or change wattage, setup is actually applying the Ohm’s law calculation every time girlfriend hit the fire switch to vape.

That is why an excellent a great quality machine with precise atomizer resistance reading and also output is necessary for safety. It is additionally important to have a battery qualified of the amperage compelled for your certain device. Because that example, if you room vaping at 200 watts v a 10 amp battery, you can stress the battery to the point that the will simply burn up. And also that is no good! Fortunately, today’s regulated mods are designed v safety attributes to avoid accidents.

Regulated Vs. Mech Mods

This is wherein we gain into the difference in between a regulated and also mech mod. Many of the mode on the market today room regulated. By regulation we typical that the process of illustration power indigenous a battery to an atomizer is regulated. An unregulated mech mod has actually no chip to control the circulation of strength from the battery. Mech mods attract raw power from the battery. If you are using a mech, it is very important come be familiar with Ohm’s Law and to know the resistance of her atomizer coil.

Most that the vape mods on the market today space regulated. As component of our sub Ohm Vaping Guide, we desire to strongly recommend to new sub ohm vapers that you use a regulation mod. Allow the technology do the work. Regulated mods favor Smok alien 220 watt mode for example. The display screen screen will present your power setup and the atomizer resistance. Girlfriend can readjust the wattage come suit her taste.

Regulated mode are much safer and easier to usage than mech mods.

Choosing The ideal Wattage For sub Ohm Coils

One that the potential dangers of below ohm vaping is frying your coils. If you collection the power to a level the is too much for the atomizer, you deserve to fry the coils. The an outcome would be a burnt hit i m sorry tastes gross and can wreck the coil. You want to make certain that girlfriend vape in the safe variety for her atomizer resistance.

Always monitor the manufacturer’s guidelines because that the suitable wattage range for a coil. You will usually uncover the variety on the packaging, in the product description, or in the technological specs. Because that example, a 0.5 ohm coil will vape finest at 15 watts as much as 50 watts.

Follow the manufacturer guidelines for wattage settings

Another ar you can look to discover out the appropriate wattage variety is top top the coil itself. When you look at a instead of vape coil, girlfriend will view the for sure vaping selection printed ~ above the coil itself. You can see an instance below.


If girlfriend don’t recognize or cannot uncover the suitable range, usage our below ohm vape chart together a guideline.

Sub Ohm Vape Chart


This below ohm vape graph is a guideline. You deserve to see the for sure vaping arrays for your details atomizer resistance.

How do you review this sub ohm vape chart? as we stated earlier, the wattage, or power, is developed by the voltage, current, and also resistance. At the top of the chart, girlfriend will watch the voltage. 3.6 volts come 4.2 volts will create ample vapor. If you acquire into the 5 volt or much more range you will be running the risk of burned hits and fried coils.

If girlfriend mod has a voltage reading, and most do, the is another means you can monitor whether or no you are vaping in ~ a power setting suitable to her coils. Fire the mod and watch the voltage reading. If it reads 4.8 or up, girlfriend should more than likely dial earlier the power.

This sub ohm vape graph is basic information that we want to incorporate in the sub ohm vaping overview for beginners. As you grow with experience, you will uncover wattage setups that fit your style.

What Is Temperature control Vaping?

Now, what is temperature control vaping? First, temp regulate vaping is a type of sub ohm vaping. Rather of setting your mode to a specific wattage, you choose a temperature. A vape mod qualified of temperature manage will usually have the letters ‘TC’ in the name. A prime and perfect example temp control mod is the Apollo Reliant 75 W TC. In other words, a mod qualified of 75 watt in variable wattage and being capable of vaping in temperature control.

Temperature manage vaping allows you to pick a temperature between 200 F and 600 F, or 100 C and also 300 C. The sweet spot for vaping is frequently somewhere in the center of those ranges.

Temp regulate Vaping Sweet-spots

400 come 420 F180 to 220 C

Temperature regulate vaping calls for a sophisticated chip to precisely control the power output compelled to reach the preferred coil temperature. The many accurate chip is the DNA draft by the American agency Evolv. Friend will find the DNA chip in the Apollo Solaire 75 watt DNA mod.

Temperature regulate Vaping Coils

Temperature control vaping coils are sub ohm. The difference is that temp control vaping requires a compatible coil material. Most TC coils room Nickel, Stainless Steel, or Titanium. Ni200 Nickel vape coils are the most usual for TC vapor. Carry out not collection you mode to vape in temperature regulate unless you have the proper coil wire to do so. Stainless steel is the just coil material that deserve to be vaped in one of two people variable wattage or temp control.

Not all sub ohm vape tanks market temp control compatible coils.

Why Vape In Temperature Control

The benefits of temperature control vaping are efficiency and consistency. Here’s how that works. If you set your vaping temperature to 400 F, the mod will automatically carry out enough strength for the coil to with 400 F. If friend take one more vape ideal away, no as lot power will certainly be required since the coil is still hot. That way you have the right to conserve battery life.

The atomizer coil will be the very same temperature every vape. That will mean regular vapor production. Plenty of vapers also report that temperature regulate conserves e-juice.

Temp regulate Vaping Pros:

Consistency and also efficiencyConserves e-juice

To get the complete benefit and also enjoyment the TC vaping, you need a good quality device. A an equipment with precision firmware that is capable of monitoring and controlling coil temperature. A cheap or clone TC mod v second-rate firmware will be unreliable. Apollo E-Cigs offers variety of the best quality vape tools at short prices. Don’t work out for less.

Sub Ohm Vaping Trends

The initial trend in sub ohm vaping was the practice well-known as dripping. Dripping is a complicated process the is finest left for experienced vapers. V the introduction of regulated mods and sub ohm vape tanks, getting those huge clouds was all of sudden easier.

At the finish of our sub ohm vaping guide, we will display you a few complete sub ohm vaping kit that space user friendly and enjoyable.

The current trend in below ohm vaping is a relentless search of an ext power and much more vapor. While you can acquire plenty that vapor from a an easy sub ohm tank and a 75 watt mod, it is the 200 watt mods that have actually suddenly become popular. In current months, a 350 watt mod has actually hit the market.

IN terms of sub ohm vaping for beginners, us recommend gaining started with basic to usage device. Or, a solitary 18650 powered 75 watt mod and also sub ohm tank.

Risks Of sub Ohm Vaping

The whole idea of our sub ohm vaping guide is to reduce the risk and also enhance your enjoyment. If you monitor the guidelines and also use high quality products and also e-liquids, sub ohm vaping is a basic pleasure.

Using a mechanically mod v your own coil build is another matter. If you don’t understand what you are doing, friend can easily burn her coils or over-stress a battery.

The other risk of sub ohm vaping that few people talk about is the threats of counterfeits and clones. This is important and also often misunderstood in our industry. There room a huge variety of clone and counterfeit mods and tanks on the market right now. Castle look like the actual thing yet they space not. At all.

Be careful to avoid the hazard of being burned, literally, by a fake e-cig product. Apollo uses authentic vape devices and tanks native the ideal manufacturer’s in the world.Our own Apollo products are a collaboration in between Apollo’s R&D team and also the ideal manufacturer’s. Stick with us and avoid being ripped turn off by a fake. The sounds self-serving yet let me fight you through some numbers. Well, one number. 600.

There are 600 e-cig factories in China. A few dozen of them are amazing. They do phenomenal vape gear. That leaves hundreds of other factory doing something else. Plenty of of them space making cheap, low-quality clones. If you think around the slim numbers, you might get one eye-opening idea of simply how plenty of fakes room really out there.

Sub Ohm Vaping Product Guide

Folks, there is a huge range of sub ohm vaping products. There is a product because that every level the vaper including beginners. Take it a look in ~ the explanation below and decide where you desire to get started. For a first sub ohm vape kit, us recommend gaining started with one of the an initial two choices. Because that starters, that doesn’t get any kind of easier 보다 the Apollo Ohm Go.

Easiest come Use sub Ohm Vape Kit

The Apollo Ohm walk is an everything consisted of sub ohm vape kit that sells for just $39.95. The Ohm walk is really easy come use and also comes v a practically top-fill sub ohm vape tank. The 0.3 ohm atomizer coils are very long lasting and bring the end the flavor and also the vapor.

The Ohm go is what girlfriend might call plug and play. You perform not need to make any adjustments to any kind of settings. Every you must do is fight the fire button and vape. The pen style style is portable and convenient together well. Right for below ohm vaping beginners.


Get started With The Ohm GoSub Ohm TC mode Kit

If you want a sub ohm mod kit that is an ideal for newbies as well as offering several of the much more sophisticated customization options, climate the Apollo Reliant is a no brainer. In fact, the Reliant additionally lets friend vape in temp control. You have the right to buy Ni200 coils for temp manage or Kanthal because that variable wattage. This 75 watt mod operates top top a single 18650 battery and comes with the Phazer below ohm tank.

The varied Apollo Reliant mod is gorgeous to look at and also contoured because that comfort. The OLED display displays power, temperature, and also atomizer resistance. The large fire switch give that a herbal feel as soon as vaping. You obtain precision customization and some off the charts vaping.


Get currently your Reliant Kit

Sub Ohm Vaping overview Summary

Time come wrap increase our sub ohm vaping guide! We have covered a lot of here. It may seem complicated at points yet there is nothing come fear. Sub ohm vaping has never been an ext accessible or easier. We are offering this guide as a way of improving your enjoyment.

Sub ohm vape tools come in all shapes and also sizes. Some are an extremely easy to use. Mods favor the Apollo Ohm go or the Smok stick V8 kit room plug and play. You perform not have to readjust any settings or worry about making any kind of calculations.

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If girlfriend would gain some vaping range with a much more sophisticated mod, you have the right to experiment v wattage settings and atomizer resistances. You could be surprised at just how much a small change deserve to make to her vapor and also flavor!

The bottom line is this. Vaping is a modern technology capable of giving your through a diverse range of experiences. Sub ohm vaping will indeed supply the vapor clouds you are looking for. And also you deserve to have a lot of fun obtaining there. Pick a an equipment that will certainly fit what you space looking for. If friend have any kind of questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.