The ABS light on a Vehicles is designed to alert the driver to potential difficulties through any type of part of the anti-lock braking system. The ABS computer consistently monitors a number of sensors throughout the Vehicles in order to encertain that the anti-lock braking system is functioning effectively Vehicles all times. When the ABS computer detects a difficulty with the system, it stores a trouble code in its interior memory and transforms on the ABS light. An automotive scan tool through ABS capabilities is the only tool that can properly clear the codes from the ABS computer system in order to turn off the ABS light.

Under The Hood:

How to Reset the ABS Light on an Astro Van

Take the automobile to a mechanic and have the anti-lock brake system checked and any kind of crucial repairs made. Generally this will rotate off the ABS light, however not always. If not, continue to Tip 2.

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Put the key right into the ignition and revolve it to the "Run" position (the position best before the one offered to communicate the engine).

Locate the DIC regulate panel on the dashboard in front of the driver"s seat under the speedometer. Keep pushing and releasing the "Set" button on the DIC manage panel until "ABS" is presented.

Hold the "Set" switch for about 5 seconds to reset the light and rotate it off.

Turn the crucial in the ignition to the "Off " place and also remove the key.

Items you will certainly need

Ignition key

How to Reset the ABS Light on a 2000 Ford Explorer

Turn the ignition to the "on" place (the second position) on the ignition.

Open your Explorer"s hood and loosen the retaining nut on the negative battery cable clamp using a socket wrench and a 10 millimeter socket.

Slide the clamp off the negative battery terminal and also wait 3 to 5 minutes.

Reaffix the cable clamp and tighten the retaining nut.

Check the dash to verify that the ABS light has gone out. This procedure additionally resets all trouble codes in the Explorer"s computer, so all various other warning lights will reset too.

Items you will need

Socket wrench

Socket set

How to Reset the ABS Light on a Ford

Placed the key into the ignition and also revolve it to the second place. This is the position simply prior to the engine starts.

Open the hood of the Ford and also loosen the nut on the negative battery cable clamp. You have the right to carry out this via a 10mm wrench.

Slip the clamp off the negative side of the battery and also wait around 5 minutes.

Placed the clamp ago in place and also tighten the nut. Look on the dashboard to make sure the ABS light has turned off. This resets all lights in the vehicle and also the clock as well.

Items you will need

10mm open-end wrench

Ignition key

How to Reset the ABS Light on a BMW E36

Drive the auto onto a level surconfront and also transition the transmission into "Park" or first gear (manual transmission). Turn off the engine and use the parking brake. Turn the ignition earlier to the “On” place so the dashboard has actually power.

Locate the vehicle’s diagnostic data port. This port is situated underneath the dashboard, simply over the pedal area. It is around 2 inches wide, a half-inch tall and also made from black plastic.

Connect the scan tool’s data cable to the diagnostic data port. Power on the shave the right to tool and choose “ABS” from the sdeserve to tool’s primary food selection.

Choose “Trouble Codes” from the ABS food selection. Select “Clear All Current and Stored Trouble Codes” from the Trouble Codes food selection. Wait a moment while the shave the right to tool clears the trouble codes.

Turn off the shave the right to tool, unplug it from the vehicle and start the engine. Confirm that the ABS light is no longer on.

Items you will need

Automotive sdeserve to tool

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