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Three qualities of the Roman realm are generally credited through aiding the development of Christianity. First, the Pax Romana , or roman peace, developed a relatively stable politics climate that allowed for travel in the years immediately before the bear of Christ until about 200 AD. Since the region of...

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Three characteristics of the Roman realm are commonly credited v aiding the breakthrough of Christianity. First, the Pax Romana, or roman inn peace, produced a relatively stable politics climate that enabled for take trip in the years automatically before the birth of Christ until around 200 AD. Since the are of the Mediterranean Sea was not ruined by wars, daily Christians, and missionaries, could travel transparent the kingdom freely, bearing the an excellent news that Christ. The Romans had a hands-off policy toward local religions in their provinces and permitted local administration as lengthy as citizens paid taxes and permitted military occupation. More than once, at an early stage Christian leaders were safeguarded from injury by roman inn laws and also rulers.

Second, Roman roadways made take trip much much easier than the had ever been. Although the roads were constructed to allow Roman armies quick accessibility to the regions under their control, they were likewise used for commerce and personal travel. Previously, sections of the Mediterranean an ar would become impassable in the rainy season. Roman-engineered roadways were of such high top quality that many are still used today. This network of highways allowed missionaries to quickly make their method around the roman Empire.

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Finally, a typical language greatly enhanced the spread of Christianity. Koine Greek had end up being the commonly spoken language in the an ar of the Mediterranean. This allowed missionaries like Paul to walk to distant lands and still it is in understood. The holy bible refers come Jesus comes "in the fullness that time." Indeed, the convergence of several features within the roman inn Empire—including roman inn laws, roman inn roads, and a typical language—created an setting especially conducive to sharing the gospel widely and rapidly.