A organize on the network has an IP deal with of utilizing the default subnet mask. Just how would you identify the deal with and mask using CIDR notation?
You regulate a subnet that offers the complying with subnet address: I m sorry of the following best describes just how addressing is configured because that the subnet?
You regulate a server that uses an IP deal with of v a mask that i m sorry of the following describes the deal with type?
You’ve decided to usage a subnet mask that on the network to create four separate subnets. Which network IDs will be assigned to these subnets in this configuration? (selec two)
You have actually a small network associated to the net as shown in the Exhibit. You have to configure the default gateway deal with on Wrk1 so the it can interact with the master on the Internet. Which address would you usage for the default gateway address?
You have a tiny network v a single subnet connected to the internet as displayed in the Exhibit. The router has actually been assigned the two addresses shown. You need to manually configure the workstation to connect to the network. The workstation should use RouterA together the default gateway, and also DNS1 as the DNS server address. Indigenous the drop-down lists, choose the ideal paramteres come configure the workstation’s TCP/IP settings.

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IP Address: Mask: Gateway: Server:
You regulate a network through a single switch. On each switch port, a hub associate multiple gadgets to the switch.which problem are you most most likely to suffer on the network ?
A broadcast storm occurs once there room so countless broadcast messages on the network that they approach or exceed the network bandwidth..
You control a network that offers a single switch. All ports within her buildings affix through he single switch . Which feature should girlfriend implement?
You manage a network that provides multiple switches. You want to carry out multiple paths between switches so that if one connect goes down, an alternating path is available.Which feature should your switch support?
You operation a small network because that your service that has a single router linked to the internet and a single switch. You keep sensitive doc.

What should you usage for this situation?

You manage a solitary subnet with 3 switches. The switches are associated to carry out redundant paths in between the switches.Which feature avoids switching loops and also ensures over there is only a solitary active spot between any kind of two switches?
Which feature prevents switching loops and also ensures over there is just a solitary active path between any two switches?
A user reports that network access from she workstation is an extremely slow. The problem does not seem to be affecting any type of other users.Which that the following conditions is the most likely cause?
You manage a regional area network with numerous switches. A brand-new employee has started today so you attach her workstation come a switch port.

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Which of the complying with is the most likely cause of the problem?

You regulate a network with multiple switches. You find that your switches space experiencing heavy broadcast storms.