What benefit does a heterogeneous catalyst administer over a homogeneous catalyst in industrial processes?

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Digby wants to determine how countless calories space in his bag the chips. Which calorimeter have to he use?
A book is falling from the top shelf of a bookcase. I m sorry statement correctly defines the readjust in the power of the book?
When ammonium chloride is dissolved in water, the beaker it s okay cold. Which type of reaction walk this describe?
An ice cube is dropped into a glass the milk at 20°C. I m sorry statement explains the deliver of kinetic power (KE)?
Reactant P contains 50 J the energy, and also reactant Q contains 35.3 J that energy. The reactants incorporate to form product PQ, which consists of 104 J that energy. What is the energy transformation?
the amount of warmth that is compelled to progressive 1 g that the sample by 1°C (Kelvin) at a continuous pressure
The details heat that water is 4.18 J/(g°C) and also that of timber is 1.97 J/(g*°C). I beg your pardon statement is correct?
What would certainly be the greatest distinction in making use of an open ceramic coffee mug rather than one insulated mug through a lid as a calorimeter?
Which statement best describes why particular heat volume is often more useful than warmth capacity because that scientists once comparing 2 materials?
It offers the massive and certain heat of water along with a thermometer to measure up the gain or loss of energy when a problem is added.
The heat capacity of a sample need to be divided through which quantity to find the details heat capacity?
Heat that flows by conduction is the move of heat energy in between substances in contact. What must happen for this to happen?
Two various gases are stored in separate closed containers. If both gases have a temperature the 50°C, i m sorry statement is true?
The temperature that a gas is increased. I beg your pardon statement best explains the effect that this has on the movement of gas particles?
How walk the potential-energy diagram for a reaction indicate whether the reaction is endothermic or exothermic?
An endothermic reaction has reactants the are reduced in energy than products since energy is took in to type the products.
A warm metal plate at 150°C has actually been put in air in ~ room temperature. Which event would most likely take ar over the next few minutes?
The wait molecules that are surrounding the steel will speed up, and the molecules in the metal will sluggish down.
A college student touches a freshly small cake the was taken the end of the oven. Which best explains why the cake feeling hot?
Chemical energy in burning lumber is adjusted into heat energy. The thermal energy is took in by water, which boils to develop steam. The thermal energy is changed into kinetic power in the relocating steam. The kinetic power is provided to turn a turbine, i m sorry converts the kinetic energy into electricity. I beg your pardon sentence ideal describes this system?
Old photographic flashbulbs burn magnesium steel in a reaction that causes a speed of brilliant white light. A photographer would must take care not to suffer shed fingers when trying to replace the hot bulb. What finest identifies the energy change that occurs in the flashbulb?
In a chemical reaction developing in an open beaker, the reactants have a fixed of 10.0 g and also contain 1000 J that energy. The products in the maker contain a mass of 5.0 g and 500 J the energy. Which ideal explains the distinction in energy and also mass together reactants room converted come products?
A generator contains a coil that spins to create an electric current. Just how is energy transformed by utilizing a generator?




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