"Once it is turned right into a boxed set, the only method to convert it back to single components is to have actually a GE clerk exchange the boxed collection for single items. You have the right to NOT right click on a collection and use the destroy option to carry out this. Simply right click Sets cool Exchange clerk and once your GE item Sets window pops up, right click your boxed set that"s in her inventory, and choose Exchange (type) armor set."

As quoted top top the adhering to link:

http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Ex... Http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Ex...go to the grand exchange clerk appropriate click her/him

click "Sets cool exchange clerk" then best click your collection and click "exchange *example*"

then you gain your item from it =)

if you want it back as a set.

right click the set that girlfriend had and click "exchange *example*" and it will certainly be ago as a set.You open up the collection by exchanging the contents of the set through a clerk at the cool Exchange.You Go also The cool Extaing and also Select "sets"

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