We, the willing Led by the unknowing room doing the impossible For the ungrateful We have actually done so much For so long With so small We are currently qualified To execute anything v nothing

(Contemporary versions start with "we, the unwilling", i beg your pardon makes less sense if girlfriend ask me.)

This people quote has actually been attributed to all sorts that sources: Konstantin Jireček, mother Theresa, French soldiers, etc. Yet in all cases, i cannot find an originating document (haven"t tried scholastic databases).

The faster attributions ns can discover are anonymous and also date ago to the mid-70s: 1975 (abbrevs), 1977. Therefore who claimed this quote, or walk Jireček and Mother Theresa yes, really invoke it individually at various times? i imagine the Jireček quote, if real, would have actually been interpreted from Czech or an additional Slavic language, which can be why i can"t discover the original.

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I would similar to to include one earlier precursor to the site"s an excellent answer.

The 1872 physical training pamphlets says:

Is it not wiser to an initial show the members of the school Board what organized thorough work-related we can do with the time and room lock willingly provide us (we have the right to do anything with nothing, if we comprise our mental to do it)


I uncovered an slightly previously example that the complete quote than what is offered by quoteinvestigator.

The 4 April 2022 Stilwell Democrat-Journal says:

This sign shows up on the wall of the office at regional store: "We the willing led by the unknowing space doing the impossible for the ungrateful We have actually done so lot for so lengthy with so small we are currently qualified to carry out anything with, nothing."

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