The truth is girlfriend can gain by in Japan discovering virtually no one of the Japanese language, but there are a couple of words that will make things a tiny easier. Words like okay in Japanese, and also toilet the course. 

For much more advanced conversations, you can simply use Google Translate! form what you want to say into your phone and also a complimentary translation application will translate it into Japanese. It’s free, and probably already installed on your device.

How to Say okay in Japanese,and the top 5 words to acquire By

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There are really only 5 indigenous that will certainly be offered regularly because that conversing generally and behaving politely. These are words that you and your children can conveniently remember and the Japanese will certainly appreciate her pathetic efforts. 

1. Hai | はい

Translation: Okay!


This is basic one, despite it doesn’t mean hello! You’ll hear this all the time, and also you’ll discover yourself speak it a lot as well.

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You’ll use it in every the very same instances you would in the united States. When you are receiving directions, once you room acknowledging information, and also when who is make the efforts to define something to you you’ll use okay in Japanese.

We uncovered it likewise was subbed for the word yes in countless instances.

2. Hajimemashite | はじめまして

Translation: pleasure to fulfill you!


Hajimemashite is a officially greeting and also typically attach by clasping the hand in prayer form, and also bowing. You’ll encounter this a lot to buy in Japan.

Japanese civilization are really formal and an extremely considerate. They market respect to complete strangers, and it’s polite come reciprocate every gesture.

You’ll also hear this a lot in ~ restaurants, shrines, or everywhere where you have an exchange of goods.

3. Kon’nichiwa | こんにちは

Translation: Hello!


Whereas, Hajimemashite is much more formal, Kon’nichiwa is informal, and Hai is ~ you’ve made an introduction. 

You’ll use Kon’nichiwa once there is no exchange. Kon’nichiwa is used more for passing by, choose a tide to someone along the road.

I laugh every time ns tell this story. We had actually just arrived turn off the ferry watercraft in Miyajima and also were only a couple of days into our trip. Ns was trying really tough to it is in respectful and speak in the Japanese language whenever I had the chance.

As us were walking up the main road, a mrs seated external a save front nodded at united state smiling and also said, “Kon’nichiwa.”

In response, i bowed my head slightly and replied, “Hiroshima” by mistake.

4. Arigatō | ありがとうございました

Translation: say thanks to you!


Arigatō is socially acceptable, however the formal version of Arigatō, is Arigatōgozaimashita, meaning thank you very much.

You’ll also hear part awkward foreigners merely saying ‘domo’, like the just exposure they’ve ever had to Japanese society and Japanese language is native an 80’s music video.

Don’t to speak that. Stick through Arigatō. 

It is polite in Japan to bow slightly once saying Arigatō, or as soon as asking because that something. Generally you will desire to clasp her hands palms together, finger upwards, together if praying together well.

5. Toire |トイレ

Translation: Toilet


This will certainly come in comfortable in a selection of situations, and also possibly immediate ones in i m sorry there may not it is in time come pull the end your phone call to analyze your jibber jabber right into the Japanese language.

Everyone understands this two syllable word, and will typically respond with something indecipherable that probably way they only have a Japanese squatty potty. Just go through it.

You’ll usage this when you know, you gotta go. Absolutely follow up with an Arigatō, or even Hai. 

Language barrier

The language obstacle was more prevalent in the smaller cities that Hiroshima and Kyoto. In these cities we provided our translate in apps far an ext than us did in Tokyo. In fact, i don’t think we actually offered them as soon as in Tokyo due to the fact that most people spoke English.

Fun Fact: The very same Google Translate app will also have an alternative for translating images. This functions well for signs, price tags, and menus. Though, commonly restaurants will sell a snapshot menu for foreigners v at least the name of the enjoy the meal in English.

Google interpret App

Practicing English

In Hiroshima, us were approached numerous times by teams of school children wanting to practice their English.

In turn, we additionally got a chance to exercise the new words we had actually learned in the Japanese language.

School children practicing your English

They would ask us a series of questions, and ask us to allude to laminated pictures.

For Kids: These space super simple Japanese words come say, and also kids will certainly love using them every solitary day.

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What words would certainly you choose to see included to this list?

What us Learned: exactly how to say it s okay in Japanese!

In addition, a huge component of the Japanese language is unspoken, yet instead communicated through gestures or also sounds. At very first this might feel awkward, but you’ll find out to take on it as part of the society and as a visitant respecting this country and also people.

Nap-Time Version: The height 5 indigenous to find out to gain by when traveling come Japan!

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