Today, we’re going come talk about the abbreviation “SXT,” i beg your pardon you might see while looking in ~ the evade Charger online: maybe you intend to acquisition one. In together a case, it would be advantageous to know what SXT even means.

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So, what does SXT average on a dodge Charger? SXT on dodge Charger simply stands for “Standard Extra.” It describes the quality of the interior packages and the exterior appearance. Basically, it’s simply a designation the separates the vehicle from the “standard” setup, indicating that it’s much better in some method and offers more features.
What space the Other auto Packages?What form of Improved functions Can you suppose from one SXT?Potential distinctions in SXT ModelsIncreased PriceSE Vs. SXT Vs. SRT/RTConclusion

What room the Other auto Packages?

Different car come in a range of various packages. In this instance, we’ll describe the evade Charger SE. SXT is but one that the car packages you can pick from.There are many options, consisting of SXT Plus, GT, SRT Hellcat, RT, and also Scatpack.

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The primary distinction between every one of these packages is the distinction in exterior features, such as trim and accessible colors.For instance, the SXT dodge Charger SE may be easily accessible in a color that the GT dodge Charger SE is not, and also vice versa.Read also: What Is the SXT package on a evade Durango (Explained)

What form of Improved attributes Can you mean from an SXT?

We claimed that the SXT offers much more features than a conventional Dodge Charger configuration, but in what path exactly? Well, this differs based on the exact model that the car. A 2018 SXT evade Charger is no the exact same as a 2019 SXT dodge Charger.They are both enhanced versions of their standard model from the very same year.By this, we median that the 2019 SXT evade Charger is specifically an advancement to the conventional Dodge Charger indigenous 2019.It might not have actually all the same features as the 2018 SXT dodge Charger, i beg your pardon was particularly an advancement on the traditional 2018 model.Generally speaking, you deserve to expect little quality of life differences in between a traditional model and also an SXT one. You i will not ~ be acquiring anything prefer a various engine or improved driving power in most cases.Instead, you’ll frequently see added things favor rearview parking cameras, an ext advanced infotainment systems, driving assist systems (such together lane aid or pedestrian detection), and also things prefer that.Read also: What go SXT median on a evade Challenger (Explained!)

Potential differences in SXT Models

Unfortunately, there’s an ext to think about than even if it is or no the dodge Charger she looking at is a conventional or SXT.Even among SXT models, there room still part differences in between them. For instance, friend may be able to get one SXT dodge Charger with All Wheel journey or simply Rear Wheel Drive.While you might assume that such distinctions are specifically performance-based, even within the SXT models, there space superior and also inferior SXT models.Almost like a ‘good’ SXT dodge Charger and also an ‘even better’ SXT evade Charger.We recognize this renders things confusing, yet it’s better to know that not all SXT evade Chargers are made equal.For instance, the All-Wheel journey SXT Charger may have much more or better speakers and hotspot internet access, if the Rear-Wheel journey SXT Charger walk not, even though they space both SXT models.That gift the case, either SXT design still offers much more than the traditional alternative, but you’ll still need to choose in between different SXT setups together well. 

Increased Price

This deserve to probably walk without saying, but we space going to say it anyway. Naturally, the more features the auto model in question offers, the much more expensive the is going come be.As we stated previously, even amongst SXT models, some may have much more features 보다 others.
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This means that, even if you space comparing 2 SXT evade Chargers native the very same year, one might be much more expensive 보다 the other because it is a ‘better’ SXT model.

Naturally, if you decision to pursue even an ext luxurious and progressed car packages, those will cost more as well.Basically, even despite you room buying a evade Charger in every single scenario, the trimming and tiny details consisted of in the various packages can make a distinction of hundreds or even thousands that dollars.It’s really important to save this in mind once shopping because that a car. Even amongst the SXT models, over there are different packages come consider.


As we stated previously, there are countless packages and trims for evade Chargers. However, the three most common that you will certainly see are SE, SXT, and SRT. Obviously, we’ve currently covered SXT. SE is pretty basic as well, together it simply stands for “Standard Edition.” Basically, a dodge Charger SE is the most basic version that the vehicle.That doesn’t average it is bad, it just means it is the base, without every the bells and also whistles the other an ext expensive packages may have.That said, if you want to check out the SE as the “worst” variant, you wouldn’t be wrong. That course, a evade Charger SE is tho a very good car, but all of the other variants will market something the it no have, in ~ an enhanced price of course.Then you have actually the RT and the SRT: this are specialized packages that focus an ext on yes, really driving performance.That’s due to the fact that RT means “Road Track” and SRT means “Street and Racing Technology. Basically, those packages focus on speed, torque, horsepower, etc.You i will not ~ really need an RT or SRT end a typical SE or SXT uneven you had actually some particular intentions in mind concerning racing or similar things. We suppose you could justify those packages if you just wanted the most powerful version of the vehicle available, however for day-to-day driving, the SE and also SXT dodge Chargers room plenty an effective enough.


A evade Charger SXT (Standard Extra) is just an upgraded variant of a evade Charger that you deserve to buy for extra money.Think of it choose buying a house: you have the right to buy a traditional one-floor home with two bedrooms and also one bath, or you could pay extra to have actually an extra bedroom, bathroom, floor, etc.So, an SXT evade Charger is just a model with a few more bells and also whistles compared to the most simple Dodge Charger.It might possess distinct features prefer lane assist, a luxurious infotainment system, or other things that the standard model doesn’t have.Generally speaking, an SXT will just possess young driving performance improvements compared to a typical Dodge Charger, if any.However, packages that space specifically concentrated on driving performance, favor the RT or SRT, frequently have features that boost on that front.Naturally, any kind of package the is beyond the typical Dodge Charger will cost some extra money. You deserve to reasonably suppose the distinctions in packages to price you a few thousand dollars in many cases.

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Ultimately, the difference between an SXT evade Charger and a standard edition dodge Charger is fairly negligible and also mostly concentrates on convenience attributes that room not necessary however are nice come have.As for whether or not those things space worth the raised cost, that is approximately the separation, personal, instance driver.
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