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ANATOMICAL TERMS: 25. Buccal ------- Pertaining to the cheek 26.Calcaneal -------- Pertaining come the hoe 27. Plantar ----- Pertaining come the single of the foot 28. Inguinal ----- Pertaining to the groin, whereby the thigh attaches come the pelvic region 2…View the full answer

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Transcribed photo text: buccal 25. Pertaining to the cheek 26. Pertaining come the hoe 27. Pertaining to the sole of the foot 28. Pertaining to the groin whereby the thigh attaches come the pelvic region 29. Pertaining come the head 30. Pertaining to the chin 31. Pertaining to the foot 32. Pertaining to the eye 33. Pertaining come the genital area 34. Pertaining to the area in between the hip and knee 35. Pertaining come the area that has the bones enclosing the mind 36. Pertaining come the forehead 37. Pertaining to the spinal shaft EXERCISE 1 ANATOMICAL LANGUAGE 38. Pertaining come the inferior earlier of the head 39. Pertaining to the anterior surface of the leg 40. Pertaining come the area that the lower ago or loin 41. Pertaining to the trunk listed below the abdomen 42. Pertaining come the area of the ago that has the shoulder blades 43. Pertaining to the posterior surface of the elbow 44. Eight (noun) 45. Pertaining to the chest 46. C. Human body Planes and also Sections write the surname of the airplane that the phrase describes. 1. Divides human body or organ right into unequal right and also left sections 2. Divides body or organ right into anterior and also posterior part 3. Divides human body or organ into superior and inferior sections 4. Divides body into right and left halves 011 21 30 5. I beg your pardon planes once passed v the human body would result in 2 sections, through each section containing a item of the heart and also a item of every lung? Radius Pevich gindle Carpals Metacarpals Phalanges lower limb (extremity) Femur Patella Tibia Fibula Tarsals Metatarsals Phalanges (b) Posterior see (a) Antenor view figure 1.5 person skeleton 0 13 D. Directional Terms finish the sentences using directional terms. Use figure 1.5 because that reference. ST 90/ come the ribs. 1. The clavicle is T come the sternum 5/1 2. The ribs space ode come the radius. 3. The humerus is HA: BA STE come the radius. 4. The ulna is to the femur 5. The tibiais 6. The ideal humerus and the ideal radius space to the ribs. 7. The pelvic girdle is come the vertebral column. 8. The sternum is to the clavicle. 9. The scapula is 10. The right fibula and also left fibula are day Section making use of Your expertise RN 3.GE A. Human body Regions, Anatomical Terminology, and also Directional terms 1. Agar mal v a yes, really hoped and also becomally pigmented wole in the left apularem simply lacral to the developed on gure 16 wherein this setting is most likely to be found 2. A..your old female presented to the emergency room through a severe melted degree top top the right brachial an ar Justinal come the antebalreis Indica en pure whereby the laceration is likely to be discovered 1. A 19.ar o female was established by a tattoo top top the fibular surface of the appropriate leg jus proximal to the anal an ar Indie figure where the taxis likely to be found Cisco: 43644 Shift: 7:00PM computer mouse MGR: BATONGBACAL, MENNIFER ONTARIO MEDICAL center ASSIGNMENT sheet 4 eastern MEDICAL/SURGICAL (a) Antenor watch (b) Posterior view figure 1.6 human body regions, anatomical language, and also directional terms. Questions 4-8 have italicized words that are derived from word roots provided to type the adjective in Table 1.1. Making use of the ocations suggested by the italicized words, answer inquiries 4-7. 4. Is the popliteal artery proximal or distal to the femoral artery! 5. Is the pectoralis significant muscle anterior or posterior come the subscapularis muscle? 11