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To dream of being stabbed represents feelings of being wounded by someone else"s action or remarks. Noticing someone else wanting to view you in ache or to understand that you"re losing. A battle with power. You might be enduring feelings of inadequacy. Feeling betrayed or suddenly shock.To dream of stabbing someone rather represents defensiveness or acquisition out your anger top top someone. A great to restore your self-reliance in a partnership or situation. Wanting to feel others pains or to know that you room hurting castle in some way. Taking someone essential or one-of-a-kind away from someone.Consider the area of the body being stabbed for added meaning.To dream of gift stabbed in the neck represents conflict with commitments that have been made. Feeling that who or miscellaneous is difficult your capability to remain committed. Feeling attacked for your commitments. Feeling that someone doesn"t want you to choose something ever before again or wants to you give up in part way. If you room trying to stab someone rather in the neck it may be a authorize that you are really jealous or angry that someone will certainly not prevent being cursed to something. Emotion an assault on your will certainly power or ideas that other isn"t a mistake.To dream of being stabbed in the leg may reflect problem with independent choices. Feeling assaulted for wanting to perform something on your own. If friend stab someone rather in the foot it may reflect your wish to prevent a person or case from coming to be independent.To dream of gift stabbed in the hand to represent feelings about conflict through capability. Feeling struck for your abilities or skills. Emotion that someone or miscellaneous is trying to rotate you right into a loser who can"t carry out well on her own. Come dream that you are trying come stab someone else in your hands may reflect your attempt to strike a human being or difficulty that is performing at a proficient level that is uncomfortable for you. Jealousy that someone is law something much better than you.To dream of being stabbed in the foot represents feelings about your principles, ethical foundation, or things you was standing for gift wounded by someone else"s actions or words. Jealousy or conflict is negatively effecting "what you was standing for." A instance or person that never wants you come stand her ground ever again.To dream of being stabbed in the chest to represent feelings about an individual power (assertive or passive) that is conveniently noticed being wounded by who else"s plot or words. Power that is evident or regularly displayed off is comes under assault by jealousy or conflict. A case or person who never wants you to exact personal power ever again.To dream of gift stabbed in the eye represents feelings about observation, judgment, or consciousness being injured by who else"s indigenous or actions. Emotion that just how you view a situation is under attack by jealousy or conflict. A instance or human being who never ever wants girlfriend to observe or cast judgement in the same means ever again.To dream of gift stabbed in the head to represent feelings about intellect or decision-making being under attack by who else"s indigenous or actions. Jealousy or problem negatively effecting control. A instance or human being that never wants you come think that something ever again.Example: A woman dreamed of herself stabbing her sister all over her body. In waking life she was really angry at God for the death of her sister and went into her bedroom while alone in her home and cursed God because that killing her sister. The stabbing may have reflected she feelings around hurting God"s feelings v her words.Example 2: A young woman dreamed of gift stabbed v a butcher knife. In waking life she regularly had actually to undergo surgeries.Example 3: A woman dreamed of almost being stabbed and avoiding it.

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In waking life she was preventing being beneficial to human being she believed were ungrateful native getting more assistance. In this case the emotion of nearly being stabbed may have actually reflected she feelings of staying clear of the horrible feeling of losing money or wasted time to people who didn"t deserve she help.*Please watch Knife

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