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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Red Hats Locations overview (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Our Lego Pirates that the Caribbean Red Hats Locations guide will present you wherein to find every one of these replacements because that Red Bricks in Lego Pirates that the Caribbean.

As with all of the Lego games, friend will discover one of these hidden throughout each and every level the the game.

As you’d expect, you’ll it is in rewarded through a Trophy or an success if you regulate to monitor down and also acquire each and every deviously concealed Red Hat with all four Films and also every level the the game. Doing so will earn girlfriend the following:

You may Throw My cap (40G Achievement/Silver Trophy) – collection all the red hats (Single-Player Only).

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Red cap #1: Disguises

Location: TowerPrice: 25,000How to get it: You should light the fuse that the explosives in a barrel to the ideal of the tower.

Red hat #2: quick Dig

Location: HutPrice: 50,000How to gain it: You need 24 gold Bricks. As soon as you have 24, rebuild the winch and use a barrel come raise the bridge to the hut. Climate to the right of the Hut after raising the bridge the quick Dig Red Hat will appear.

Red hat #3: quick Forge

Location: TowerPrice: 75,000How to acquire it: You need to repair the broken water pump in ~ the end of the dock.

Red hat #4: Extra Toggle

Location: TavernPrice: 100,000How to gain it: You should blow increase the silver- skull lock top top the top balcony of the tavern. You deserve to use one explosives character such together Jacoby to execute this.

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Red cap #5: quick Build

Location: TowerPrice: 125,000How to obtain it: You require 32 yellow Bricks to acquire this. As soon as you have actually 32, rebuild the pieces listed below the tower right into a crate and also destroy it. Then rebuild the ruined pieces into an elevator. Ultimately use the nearby wheel and ride the elevator to get it.