What is the fastest way to get a lightsaber in Kotor 2?

You can get a component from one NPC called Lootra if friend reunite him through his wife. To rate things up also more, kill him the an initial time you satisfy him. You’re going to need to pick a side of the force and stick come it during the very first chunk that the game if you want to gain your lightsaber as conveniently as possible.

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Can you gain a twin bladed lightsaber in Kotor?

Is there anyway i can gain a double bladed lightsaber? Nope. You can gain one in the Korriban ceo fight. If you’re playing the BC console version, I think that two weapon fighting is bugged on double bladed sabers, so you don’t need to take the extra feats to effectively use doubled blades sabers, at the very least for KOTOR 1.

How carry out you obtain a 2nd lightsaber in KotOR?


How execute I get much more lightsabers in KotOR?

User Info: it_r_over9000. You gain a full lightsaber together a reward because that completing pursuits that would usually only provide you a piece of one (after you’ve developed your saber that course).

Can girlfriend make more than one lightsaber Kotor 2?

Nope. When you get your three lightsaber parts, anything the would have actually previously provided you a component gives you a perfect lightsaber (randomly short, normal, or double-bladed).

How perform you gain the double blade in collapse order?

The earliest chance for girlfriend to gain the Jedi: fallen Order double lightsaber is best after you finish up on Bogana. Once you perform so, you should have the alternative of travelling to Zeffo and Dathomir. It’s the latter we’re interested in so head there. Once you touch down, you’ll desire to take a tough right.

Can Cal double wield?

There is no workbench choice or combat technique that enables Cal Kestis to easily wield 2 lightsabers at once. However, that is qualified of splitting his twin lightsaber right into two separate weapons for a specific attack.

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What is the ideal lightsaber in fallen order?

Star battles Jedi: fallen Order best Lightsabers

Duty and Resolve. For the defenders the tradition. Duty and also Resolve is a lightsaber because that players who want a much more traditional style. Eno Cordova. Because that the pundit warriors. Magus. For the an are wizards. Element Nature. For those in harmony with nature. Protection and also Defense II. Because that the peacekeepers.


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