Sulfur, a chemicalelement through the prize S and atomic number 16, is the tenth and also fifth-mostcommon facet by massive in the universe and also on the earth respectively. In ~ normaltemperature and pressure sulfur atoms form cyclic octatomic molecule (chemicalformula S8).

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Sulfur is a an extremely important facet in both perspectives: biological and chemical. The is one essentialcomponent of every living cells, and also is a major component of proteins, enzymes,vitamins, amino acids, cysteine, etc. Which display its biological importance.

Elemental sulfur isused as 85% that the production of the king of compound H2SO4 not just this many majors’compounds favor SO2, H2S are prepared with the aid of element sulfur whichshows its chemical importance.

You are here toknow valence electrons of a sulfur atom, aren’t you? Don’t worry together with sulfurvalence electrons we will define its valency also. But prior to that let’s havesome simple ideas about what these 2 terms are:

Difference BetweenValence Electrons and Valency

Valence electronsare the total number of electrons existing in the outermost covering of an atom(i.e. In outermost orbital). The valence electrons because that a neutral atom arealways definite, it cannot be varied (more or less) in any kind of condition for aparticular atom and also may or may not be equal to the valency.


Valency is definedas the total number of electrons, an atom have the right to lose, gain, or share at the timeof bond development to acquire a stable digital configuration i.e. To complete anoctet. The valency of one atom have the right to be change in various compounds orchemical reactions as result of the various bonding circumstances. Many of the timevalency varies/changes early out to change in oxidation and reduction states.

Sulfur (S) ValenceElectrons

There space foursimple actions to uncover out the valence electrons because that sulfur atom i m sorry are:

Step 1: discover theAtomic Number


To discover out theatomic number of sulfur, we have the right to use the periodic table. With the aid of theperiodic table, we can easily see that the atomic variety of sulfur is 16. Asits atomic number is 16, it has 16 protons, and also for neutral sulfur, the numberof proton is always equal to the number of electrons i.e. Has 16 electron inits nucleus.

Step 2: WriteElectron Configuration


Electronconfiguration is the plan of electrons on the orbitals. The sulfur atomhas a total of 16 electron so, we have to put 16 electrons in orbitals. Theelectrons will certainly be put in various orbitals according to the energy level:<1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 4s, 3d, 4p, 5s, 4d, 5p, 6s, 4f, 5d, 6p, 7s, 5f>. Now,

Sulfur electronconfiguration S (16) =1s22s22p63s23p4(completeconfiguration).

=3s²3p⁴(condensed configuration).

Step 3: DetermineValence Shell

As us know, thevalence covering of an atom have the right to be discovered from the highest number of principlequantum number which are expressed in the term of n, and in 3s²3p⁴, thehighest value of n is 3 so that the valence shell of sulfur is3s²3p⁴.

Step 4: FindValence Electrons

The total number ofelectrons existing in the valence shell of one atom are called valence electrons,and there are a total of 6 electrons current in the valence covering of sulfur (3s²3p⁴).Thus,sulfur has six valence electrons.

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Valency the Sulfur (S)

There space manydifferent methods to discover out the valency of an atom which mirrors the capability ofan atom come bond with other atoms. Valence defines how conveniently an atom or afree radical can integrate with other chemical species. The valency of one atom isdetermined based upon the variety of electrons lost, gained, or shared withanother atom at the moment of link formation.

An atom is stated tobe stable when its outermost shells have eight electrons (except H & He).If the total number of electrons in outermost shells is between one to four,the atom has positive valency and if electrons are between four to eight, thevalency is calculate by individually from eight and valency will certainly be zero. Atomshaving 4 outermost electrons own both positive and an unfavorable valency, andatoms having actually eight outermost electrons, valency will be zero (i.e. Noblegases).

Elements choose sulfurcan with the steady state (nearest inert gas configuration: Ar) by acquiring 2electrons.So the the valency of sulfur is 2.

Mathematically, theelectronic construction of sulfur is 2, 8, 6. And also as us know, if electron inoutermost shell exceeds native 4, it should be subtracted indigenous 8. So,

ElectronConfiguration of sulfur (S) = 2, 8, 6

We have the right to see the outermost covering of sulfur has 6 electrons so, have to subtract the from 8.

8 – 6 = 2

That’s why valencyof sulfur is 2.

Note: In general, sulfurhas a stable oxidation state the -2 in many of the compounds yet it different from-2 to +6 in different compounds as result of the various bond security andformation. Do not confuse v -2 or something rather with confident or negativesigns, it is just an oxidation number that can vary from compound to compound. Butits valency is constantly 2 in any type of case.

In one more sense, asulfur atom can type a preferably of 2 covalent binding in chemistry bonding (For example:CS2, H2S, etc.), and also that what valency is, the maximum capability to kind bondswith atom at the moment of chemistry reactions.

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We can likewise findthe valency the sulfur with the help of the routine table. As sulfur belongs togroup 16 (6A or VIA) in addition to oxygen (O), arsenic (As), and selenium (Se), tellurium(Te), polonium (Po), and also livermorium (Lv). This group aspects are also called chalcogen.All these aspects have a valency of 2.