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Kingdom hearts 358/2 days Cheats because that DS

Dual-wielding Roxas personality in Mission mode Buy Zero equipment from the Moogle Shop after completing the game, equip it through Roxas, and include three capacity Units. If you space playing Mission Mode, this will certainly let you play together dual-wielding Roxas. (In Story Mode, Zero gear will obtain the three abilities indigenous the capability units, however it will certainly revert to its initial form, and also you will certainly not it is in able to twin wield.)

Contributed by: kitesalet

Unlock Limit pass

To unlock the border Pass, win every mission in Mission mode at least once, including the very first tutorial mission and also the holidays mission.

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You will earn Crowns alongside every mission friend complete, and also once you gain them all, the border Pass will be marketed in the Moogle Shop because that 10,000 love points

Contributed by: Chaos regulate

Freebies because that Crowns

To unlock crowns do missions on mission setting or multiplayer mode and beat the mission to acquire crowns.Then walk to the shop and also choose freebies to redeem prizes.

Unlockable Unlockable 180 crowns 25 crowns 130 crowns 80 crowns 40 crowns 15 crowns 160 crowns 35 crowns 70 crowns 8 crowns 240 crowns 55 crowns 50 crowns 10 crowns 75 crowns 260 crowns 220 crowns 190 crowns 358 crowns 100 crowns 90 crowns 120 crowns 60 crowns 30 crowns 5 crowns 170 crowns 140 crowns 200 crowns 150 crowns 65 crowns 1 crown 20 crowns 45 crowns 85 crowns 280 crowns 110 crowns 2 crowns
Adamanite X 2 (material)
Aero X 3 (magic)
Aeroga (magic)
Aerora X 3 (magic)
Blizzara X 2 (magic)
Blizzard X 3 (magic)
Crimson Blood (ring)
Cura X 2 (magic)
Elixir X 10
Ether X 10
Guard Unit (L)
Hi-Ether X 10
Hi-Potion X 10
Lift Gear+ (3) (weapon)
Limit recharge X 5
LV Doubler (6)
LV Quadrupler (3)
Magic unit (L)
Master"s circle (ring)
Mega-Ether X 10
Mega-potion X 10
Megalixir X 5
Mystery equipment (3) (weapon)
Panacea X 10
Potion X 10
Power Unit (L)
Premium Orb (material)
Rune Ring (ring)
Sliding Dash LV+ (L)
Slot Realeaser
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Slot releaser
Ultimate equipment (6) (weapon)
Valor Gear+ (2) (weapon)

Contributed by: Blademaster20

Freebie Items from Sythesis Moogle

By acquiring Challange Sigils from Holo-Mission challenges, you can unlock complimentary items that will certainly be provided to girlfriend by the Sythesis Moogle.

Unlockable Unlockable attain 15 Sigils attain 25 Sigils acquire 45 Sigils attain 20 Sigils achieve 150 Sigils obtain 170 Sigils acquire 10 Sigils acquire 100 Sigils attain 200 Sigils acquire 110 Sigils obtain 90 Sigils achieve 140 Sigils obtain 210 Sigils acquire 230 Sigils achieve 180 Sigils obtain 220 Sigils acquire 160 Sigils acquire 70 Sigils attain 120 Sigils attain 5 Sigils achieve 30 Sigils obtain 50 Sigils attain 80 Sigils achieve 130 Sigils attain 190 Sigils achieve 240 Sigils achieve 60 Sigils attain 35 Sigils acquire 255 Sigils obtain 40 Sigils
Casual equipment (2)
Cure x 3
Fira x 2
Fire x 3
Glide (5)
Glide LV+ (L)
Haste (3)
Haste LV+ (L)
Haste Lv+ L
Level Up
Level Up
Level Up
Level Up
LV Doubler (6)
LV Tripler (4)
Omega Gear
Phantom Gear+ (4)
Rage gear (5)
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Slot Releaser
Thundara x 2
Thunder x 3
Ultima Weapon
Wild Gear+ (3)

Contributed by: red_suit, over8999, truthxiii

Unlocking characters in Mission mode Unlockable Unlockable pat until advocated to expert beat until supported to master finish all missions and also purchase the article Return the the King from the moogle shop play until supported to certified dealer 100% complete all missions and also purchase the item heart of Sora from the moogle shop play until advocated to Rookie
King Mickey

Contributed by: VitaLemon

Theater mode

Beat the video game once, and Theater setting will become available to you. You"ll have the ability to watch every cutscene in the game.

Unlockable Unlockable win the video game
Theater Mode

Contributed by: gotryce22

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