The watermelon picture that comes to most of ours minds as soon as we hear words is a picnic watermelon. Picnic watermelons sweet on mean 17 lbs. Or 7,711 grams.

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In a grow trial in north Carolina 39 various picnic arrays of watermelon to be grown to test how various varieties carry out in local conditions.

Out the the 39 watermelon arrays grown the lightest typical weight was Lemon ice cream at 13 lbs. And also the heaviest to be ORS6260 in ~ 21.2 lbs. The median weight of the 39 different varieties grown was 17.2 lbs.

Watermelon category by Weight

Watermelons room separated into three main categoires through weight: an individual (mini) watermelons, icebox watermelons, and picnic watermelons. Other methods watermelons are separated is seeded or seedless, yellow or environment-friendly exteriors, and yellow, orange, and also white meat watermelons.

How lot Does a an individual Watermelon Weigh?

Personal watermelons weigh about 5 lbs. And variety from 3-7 lbs. These room the the smallest watermelons and are also called mini-watermelons.

Pony Red Mini and Yellow Baby room two popular varieties of an individual watermelons.

How lot Does an Icebox Watermelon Weigh?

Icebox watermelons were initially grown to produce a watermelon the fit right into a refrigerator an ext easily than a picnic watermelon. They selection from 6-15 lbs.

Sugar Baby, Tiger Baby, and Gold in Gold space three popular icebox watermelon varieties.

How much Does a Picnic Watermelon Weigh?

A picnic watermelon is the best of the watermelons and also averages around 17 lbs. V a common range of 15-25 lbs.

It is not unusual to get larger watermelons in the garden wherein watermelon tree have much more space 보다 commercial grows. An ext space equals an ext light, water, and also nutrients for the plant to produce pest fruit.

The biggest watermelon on record was 351 lbs. This watermelon to be of the variety “Carolina Cross” and was grown in Tennesse in 2013.

Picnic watermelons market the many varieties obtainable to choose from. A few popular picnic watermelon ranges are Jubilee, Crimson Sweet, and also Buttercup.

Watermelon weight Varies

As you have the right to see the load of a watermelon can range from 1 lb. To end 300 lbs. In the garden watermelon tree have much more space and also will produce an ext watermelons ~ above an individual plant. Also the dimension of the watermelons indigenous the exact same plant will certainly vary.

To grow the biggest feasible watermelon feasible a gardener could do three basic things.

Select a selection of watermelon the is known for producing big heavy watermelonsWhen the plant began to flower and enter the pollination and also fruit creating stage the gardener would trim the plant to have one fruit on the plant. This method the plant could put every its resources into the one watermelon.

Obviously this is not the many efficient method to thrive watermelons in the garden however the basics for cultivation the world’s largest watermelon.


A cheat to farming watermelons is to avoid watering ~ the melons have reached their near complete size, around 10-14 days prior to harvest. This will concentrate the sugar content of the watermelon!

To check the sugar contents of watermelons you can use what’s referred to as a brix refractometer. This an equipment will tell girlfriend the quantity of sugar in a liquid. A an excellent score for a watermelon is 12% and 14% above is terrific sugar content for watermelon.

How numerous Pounds of Watermelon carry out You need Per Person?

Aim to have 1/2 lb. – 5 lbs. That watermelon per person relying on the function. If you’re having actually a barbeque with many dishes accessible 1/2 lb. That watermelon per human should do.

If you have actually a group of 5 or so that are all in the mood for watermelon you would certainly all be better served with 5 lbs. That watermelon per person.

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1 lb. The watermelon is same to 1.6 cups of watermelon fruit. This measurement does no include any type of weight native the rind.