based upon this inquiry over in RPG, I"m make the efforts to number out exactly how long it took to create a sword in the Medieval/Renaissance smith to do swords. Ns am recalling a figure of about 9-12 months per sword, some various other references suggest that Katanas would certainly be do quicker. My google-fu is pass up lots on the individual steps "hammer until it"s the best shape", "grind till sharp", etc. But no real estimates of exactly how long these steps individually take it or exactly how long the whole process is.

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Wikipedia"s page on Japanese swordsmithing provides some details on the moment frames connected in the produce of great quality blades:

The forging the a Japanese blade frequently took countless days or weeks, and also was taken into consideration a sacred art, traditionally add by a large panoply that Shinto spiritual rituals. Similar to many facility endeavors, quite than a single craftsman, several artists to be involved. There to be a blacksmith to forge the turbulent shape, often a second smith (apprentice) to fold the metal, a specialist polisher, and even a specialist because that the edge itself. Often, there were sheath, hilt, and also tsuba professionals as well.

The page additionally contends the the production of steel from iron would certainly take 4 or five workers at least a week. It additionally goes top top to mention that, relying on the top quality of the sword, the polisher might take weeks to get things done simply right:

When the turbulent blade is completed, the swordsmith transforms the blade end to a polisher called a togishi, whose project it is to filter the form of a blade and improve that is aesthetic value. The entire process takes considerable time, in some situations easily up to number of weeks. At an early stage polishers provided three varieties of stone, whereas a modern-day polisher usually uses seven. The modern-day high level of polish was not normally done before around 1600, since greater emphasis was placed on role over form.

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Assuming the the stole is already available, i think that it might be safe to extrapolate the a cheap yet functional Japanese sword could have been made in a few days, a an excellent sword in a couple of mainly or more, and a good sword in a month or more.