Crickets are nocturnal insects distantly regarded grasshoppers. They deserve to be well-known by their round heads, long antennae, cylindrical bodies and also prominent hind legs. The mean life expectancy of the cricket is 90 days. Crickets can commonly be found inside warm places choose kitchens or basements.

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The two most likely types of crickets come infest your home are the gray-brown home cricket and also the darker colored field cricket. Other common varieties are mole crickets and also camel or humpback crickets.  Crickets typically live outdoors. However, temperature changes and also food or water shortages deserve to drive them and also other “overwintering” insects right into houses.  apart from the noise, crickets can reason a nuisance through chewing on fabric, file and vegetation in her home.  when crickets don’t normally bite people, cricket waste can lug such diseases as E. Coli and also salmonella. Handling crickets or your waste deserve to lead come a possibility of skin sores. Eating food exposed to cricket feces can cause gastrointestinal distress, infection and also more.


Getting rid of crickets in your home can be simple with these straightforward tips:

create a herbal cricket bait by adding a few spoons the molasses in a shallow bowl, then to fill the key up around halfway with water. Place the bowl in one area whereby crickets are a problem. The crickets will be attractive by the sweet odor and jump into the bowl whereby they will drown.

Tip: chemical cricket baits and sprays contain toxins. Be certain that children and also pets stop the area whereby these are placed.


Mole crickets specifically have the right to do a an excellent deal of damage to lawns. Be certain to watch for indications the mole cricket infestations favor cricket mounds or tunnels, locations of dice grass or locations of the lawn the feel spongy as soon as you walk end them. Lawn cricket pest manage can it is in difficult. You should expect elimination to be completed in stages end the season.

In early spring, carry out a examine for mole cricket nymphs in at an early stage evening. Mix a solution of 2 tablespoons of dish soap in a gallon the water and distribute the solution over a 2-foot square the lawn. Young mole crickets will surface ar within a few minutes if they space present. Water the area to neutralize the soap, and also then target the area for treatment. Use lawn insecticide granules according to package directions. This will reduce damages from tunneling. Nematodes deserve to be applied to the lawn in beforehand spring; they will certainly prey upon young crickets and also reduce the populace before females lay their eggs. Apply an ext intensive lawn treatment sprays and granular insecticides at the start of the summer season to remove the remaining cricket population. 


Crickets uncover entry points right into the home from outside. Your very first line of defense is come block them. Here’s exactly how to remove crickets prior to they acquire in your house with the end treatments. 

Spray outside roughly doors, garages, basements, vents come the outside and also near pipes. Ar cricket traps and also baits roughly outdoor sheds, wood piles and also compost areas.

Take the complying with steps to eliminate traces that crickets in and also around her home and also to protect against them indigenous returning.


extensively vacuum carpets and rugs come remove feasible cricket eggs. Seal the vacuum bag and also filter in a plastic bag and also discard exterior the home. To wash reusable filters, if necessary.  Repair and improve seals ~ above windows and also doors. Caulk roughly windows and install or change weather stripping approximately exterior doors and patio doors.  Repair any type of tears in home window screens and screen doors.  save trash cans clean and be certain they close tightly. Crickets space attracted by aromas from the garbage.  save compost, lumber piles and also mulch piles at least 20 feet indigenous the home.  keep the lawn trimmed low and also minimize high grasses and ground covering vegetation.  keep gutters and also drains clear of debris and eliminate every standing water.  the end lighting can entice crickets and also other insects, so think about using amber pest lights or motion-activated light.  Encourage herbal predators that prey on crickets, such together lizards, spiders and also many birds. 

Compared to other pests, crickets sell the convenience the announcing their existence upon arrival. Learning how to get rid of crickets in the residence with reliable pest control methods can assist ensure a good night's sleep.

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