A fraction is claimed to be in simplest kind if that is numerator and denominator are fairly prime , the is, they have no typical components various other than 1 . (Some publications use "written in shortest terms" to mean the same thing.)

So, 5 9 is in most basic form, due to the fact that 5 and 9 have actually no typical factors various other than 1 . However 6 9 is not; 6 and 9 have a usual factor 3 .

To create 6 9 in most basic form, division both the numerator and denominator by the greatest typical factor , in this instance 3 :

6   ÷   3 9   ÷   3 = 2 3

therefore 6 9 in simplest type is 2 3 .

This is well-known as reducing fractions .

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