Back to the Woods
Season 6, illustration 10
Airdate February 17, 2022
Production Number 6ACX02
Written by Tom Devanney
Directed by Brian Iles
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Family Guy — Season Six

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Back to the Woods is the tenth illustration of the 6th season of family members Guy, and also the one hundred eighth episode overall.

In this episode, Peter"s identity is steal by a mystery culprit, that reveals self to be a revenge-seeking James Woods. The story centers top top the aftermath of Peter"s steal identity and his efforts to get it earlier and punishment Woods.

Starring:Seth MacFarlane (Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin), Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin), Seth environment-friendly (Chris Griffin), Mila Kunis (Meg Griffin), Mike Henry (Cleveland Brown)

Also Starring: Lori Alan (Diane Simmons), Alexandra Breckenridge, James Burkholder, Kirker Butler, Ralph Garman, mark Hentemann, Barry Manilow (Himself), Danny Smith, Alec Sulkin, Dave valve Dam, man Viener, Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson), James Woods (Himself)


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Plot Overview

Peter and also his friends walk to a Barry Manilow concert, wherein Peter"s wallet falls out that his pants. A mystery culprit finds it prior to Peter realizes that is missing, and also uses his credit cards and also social protection number to steal his identity. The culprit later on identifies self - the is James Woods, and he is hellbent ~ above revenge ~ he to be on the losing end of an previously run-in through Peter (he had obtained locked in a crate inside a government warehouse).

James is may be to acquire a fraudulent identification card and literally i do not care Peter Griffin. The tries to create himself as Peter Griffin and assert himself together head of the Griffin household. Once Lois calls the police to have actually have James arrested, that convinces Joe the he is "Peter" and has the genuine Peter escorted native his home. Brian meets the actual Peter in ~ a hotel and the 2 plot their revenge ... By stealing James" identity in return.

Computer and fake i would card professional Stewie inserts Peter"s photo on an to know card, the an initial step in the Griffins" plan. Peter is may be to to convince others that he is James Woods, adding in a couple of rude comment for great measure. Later, Peter-as-James appals the audience when he announces the is staring in a slapstick depiction of the 9/11 attacks on the human being Trade Center.

James has enough and also wants to resolve the score once and also for all. However, Peter and also Brian lastly foil James once and also for every by setting up a trap box baited v Reese"s Pieces. James falls for the trap and is locked in one more crate, awaiting arrest through the authorities. Peter"s identity is revived and he is reunited with his family.


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Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial - The climatic step (a trap baited through Reese"s pieces candy) is taken native the 1982 movie.

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G.I. Joe - Peter and his friends watch a spoof of the 1980s cartoon referred to as "G.I. Jose," with Mexicans and/or hispanics in the crucial roles. The finishing public company announcement (where one of the characters gives a security or moral tip to youths) is seen.Postal - The step Peter-as-James defines in his "new" 9/11-based dark comedy film is motivated by a scene in the 2007 movie.