I just bought the Wii U and also I thought at an initial the Wii games can be played on the Wii U gamepad. But apparently that's no the instance at all. So space Wii games just unplayable top top the gamepad and only deserve to be played on the nunchucks? and what various other games and also consoles in the shop can't be play on the gamepad? because I perform wanna gain the Metroid prime trilogy that's in the shop. Yet would that typical I only can use the nunchucks ~ above the gamepad? I'm really confused on what can and also cannot it is in played v the gamepad.

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Wii games can’t be controlled by the game pad, u need to use the Wii remote/Nunchuk, classic controller, standard controller pro. Top top the back of every Wii disc video game box is what controller can be supplied for that particular game. You can used the Wii controllers on Wii U games, simply read what controllers are compatible with the game. Wii U was a brand-new console that came years ~ the Wii, for this reason Wii gamings weren’t coded to usage the video game pad cuz it no exist yet. Technically u have the right to use ur video game pad 2 screen a game but that’s it, the camera on the game pad i do not care the sensor

Basically all indigenous Wii u games made for the Wii u specifically have the right to run be played on the gamepad therefore don't worry about any Wii U to exclude, games. Together for Wii gamings from the Eshop or Wii sleeve discs; I believe only Xenoblade Chronicles from the Eshop support the gamepad. The rest of the Wii library of games, one of two people from the eshop or a disc will certainly not it is in playable top top the gamepad. Therefore in your case, Metroid prime Trilogy will only be playable making use of its original control scheme the a Wiimote and also Nunchuk. This type of makes sense together the games were made to support a Wiimote and also Nunchuk which has actually fewer buttons 보다 the gamepad and may require activity controls. I believe Xenoblade just works together it supports the Wii classic controller i beg your pardon maps onto the gamepad buttons.

Wii games cant be managed with the gamepad joysticks/buttons yet they can display on the gamepad screen. So you have the right to play them on the gamepad screen using a wii controller.

Any game that calls for you to use both the TV and also the game pad will certainly be difficult or difficult to play without the game pad. Pikmin 3 might have different control options, however the optimal way to pat it needs both TV and also pad. Ns haven’t played ZombiU, however I would imagine you need both too from what i have heard

The eshop lists what controllers are supported for the game you intended to purchase. Review this before you buy the game.

I only know of 2 Wii gamings that deserve to be played using the WiiU GamePad as a controller, Xenoblade Chronicles and also Pandora's Tower. I think the other Wii games available on the eShop need a Wii remote (& Nunchuk) to be playable. To my knowledge all other games on the WiiU deserve to be played making use of the WiiU GamePad despite some games have settings that require various other controllers/accessories ... For instance some Wii to the right U exercises require the Balance board or Wii Remote.

To include on to what other civilization have said around Wii mode ("vWii"), it have the right to be displayed ~ above the GamePad but not controlled by it. You need to use controllers compatible with the initial Wii. If ns remember correctly mods can allow you to usage the USB GameCube controller adapter for Smash if desired. Think that the vWii as just another Wii that lives inside her Wii U, for the many part.

Plus, the GamePad has actually a sensor bar! It's come the left and right of the camera, thus the broad cutout. Ar it in the stand the came with the Wii U, or the dock, and also you can suggest with the Wii far like any other TV. Friend will want to make certain that the sensor bar position is collection to over the TV in the vWii settings, i m sorry is separate from the Wii U settings.

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If that suppoets the original gamepad on the wii climate it should lug over come the wiiu. Otherwise it wont work


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