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Use this dialog crate to turn off or rotate on any type of auto-correction or auto-formatting features in Excel.

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There are 4 tabs in the AutoCorrect dialog box. Come jump conveniently to the information you want, click the name below that synchronizes to the tab girlfriend want help on:

AutoCorrect | AutoFormat as You Type | Actions | Math AutoCorrect


You can use the AutoCorrect attribute to exactly typos, capitalization errors, and also misspelled words, and automatically insert symbols and other piece of text. By default, AutoCorrect uses a standard list of typical misspellings and symbols, but you have the right to modify the entries in this list.

By default, Excel is set up to instantly correct some common typing mistakes. Use the alternatives in this dialog crate to turn off or alter anything friend don"t like.

If girlfriend don"t prefer the AutoCorrect alternatives button

that appears while you"re typing, you have the right to use this dialog crate to rotate it off: clean the inspect box beside Show AutoCorrect choices buttons.

You can do the complying with things top top this tab of the dialog box. Click a heading listed below to expand it and also see the instructions:

Automatically correct capitalization

You can permit or disable various choices for automatically correcting capitalization top top the AutoCorrect tab.

Select or clear any of the following check boxes:

Correct 2 INitial CApitals

Capitalize first letter that sentences

Capitalize names of days

Correct accidental usage of caps LOCK key

You have the right to specify exception to a few of the capitalization rules. The exceptions the you collection apply throughout all the Office programs that invernessgangshow.net the AutoCorrect feature, which means that any readjust you make to this list in one program also affects the various other programs.

On the AutoCorrect tab, click Exceptions, and also then do one of the following:

If girlfriend selected the Correct two INitial CApitals check box, and also you desire to avoid AutoCorrect native correcting a specific word that consists of mixed uppercase and lowercase letter (such as "IDs"), click the INitial CAps tab.

To add a word come the exemption list, kind the indigenous in the box and also then click Add. To delete a word, pick the word and also click Delete.

If you selected the Capitalize first letter the sentences inspect box, and you desire to avoid AutoCorrect indigenous capitalizing words that follow details abbreviations (such together "appt."), click the First Letter tab.

To add a word come the exemption list, form the native in the box and then click Add. To delete a word, pick the word and click Delete.

Note: In part Office programs, girlfriend can additionally select or clear the Automatically include words to list examine box. This option takes result while girlfriend are editing and enhancing a paper or an item. When AutoCorrect renders an unwanted correction, you can undo the by pressing Ctrl+Z. If the Automatically include words come list check box is selected, the undesirable corrections the you cancel are included to the list of exceptions.

AutoCorrect uses two parallel lists of words. The very first word is words that girlfriend type, and also the 2nd word or phrase is what the program automatically enters to change that word.


The AutoCorrect list applies throughout all the Office programs the invernessgangshow.net the AutoCorrect feature, which way that when you include or delete a word indigenous the list in one Office program, the various other Office programs are likewise affected.

You can include multiple entries that allude to the exact same "With" text. For example: "youve", "you"vr", and also "you"ww" deserve to all be changed with "you"ve". Just add a separate entry for each of these changes.

Important: If AutoCorrect doesn"t seem come be working at all, on the AutoCorrect tab, make certain the Replace text as girlfriend type inspect box is selected.

Add, change, or delete an entrance on the AutoCorrect list

To add an entry follow this steps:

On the AutoCorrect tab, in the Replace box, form a word or expression that you regularly mistype or misspell — because that example, kind usualy.

In the With box, kind the exactly spelling the the word—for example, form usually.

Click Add.

To readjust the replacement text for one entry, select it in the list of entries and form a new entry in the With box.

To delete one entry, choose it in the list and also click Delete.

Note: The Exceptions list tells the spellchecker no to auto-replace items it thinks room misspelled. If a word is getting instantly replaced, and also you"ve confirmed that it"s no on the AutoCorrect list, add the word come the Exceptions list to for sure the spellchecker doesn"t automatically replace it.

To insert a symbol easily without accessing any type of menus, assign a keystroke or message to the symbol. This is especially handy if you arrangement to insert the prize often and don"t desire to need to go thru the Symbols command on the ribbon every time.

You need to insert the prize once, copy it, then add the AutoCorrect rule. As soon as you"ve completed step 8, below, you have the right to delete the prize you inserted to develop the rule, if you want to, for this reason don"t issue too much around where girlfriend insert it.

On the Insert tab, click Symbol > More Symbols.

Scroll down the list, and also double-click the symbol you want to use to insert the in the file. Close the icons dialog box.

Tip: Most that the generally used icons are component of the Wingdings font sets. Collection the font to Wingdings in the symbol dialog box to speed your search.

Select the inserted symbol in her workbook, and also click Copy indigenous the Home tab that the ribbon (or press Ctrl+C).

Click File > Options > Proofing >AutoCorrect Options.

Click the With box and also press Ctrl+V to paste the duplicated symbol into the field.

In the Replace box, type a indigenous or expression that you want to associate with the symbol, for example, form check1.


Click Add > OK.

Whenever you desire to use the examine mark symbol that you simply defined, form the word the you supplied in action 7 to add the symbol.

Tip: If the character put is no the one friend wanted, try highlighting the character that was inserted and also make certain the font of that character is Wingdings.

AutoFormat together You Type

By default, Excel does some auto-formatting while you"re typing, together as applying bullet- or numbered-list formatting once it detects the you space typing a list. 

Use this dialog box if you want to rotate off any of these auto-formatting options. Clean the examine box of any kind of item for which you don"t desire auto-formatting done. 


There is one right-click "action" obtainable in Excel. Turn on this activity by picking Enable added actions in the right-click menu in this dialog box. 

The Date action allows you come right-click a full day (including month, day, and year) and also open your Outlook calendar to the date. 

Ignore the Properties and More Actions buttons on the Actions tab. They don"t do anything useful. 

Math AutoCorrect

To produce an equation native scratch, push Alt plus the equates to sign. A equation placeholder appears for friend to form math personalities in.

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When you"re working in one equation placeholder, Office has actually a big set of shortcuts you have the right to use for inserting math-specific characters. By default, these mathematics AutoCorrect shortcuts room turned on.

You have the right to do the complying with things. Click a heading listed below to expand it and see the instructions: