The to reduce term for three-dimensional, which refers to an image that shows up to have actually all 3 spatial dimensions- length, width, and also depth.

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Absolute cabinet ReferenceA cell reference that refers to cells by their fixed place in a worksheet; this stays the same once the formula is copied.
AxisA line the serves together a structure of reference for measurement and also which boundaries the chart plot area.
BaseThe starting point; provided in calculating the rate of increase, i m sorry is the amount of increase divided by the base.
BevelA shape effect that provides shading and shadows to make the edge of a shape show up to be curved or angled.
Category AxisThe area along the bottom of a chart the identifies the categories of data; additionally referred to together the x-axis.
Chart AreaThe whole chart and every one of its elements.
Enterprise fundA municipal government money that reports income and expenditures pertained to municipal solutions for i beg your pardon a fees is charged in exchange for items or services.
Chart SheetA workbook paper that includes only a chart.
Data MarkerA column, bar, area, dot, pie slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a solitary data point; connected data points form a data series.
Data PointA worth that originates in a worksheet cell and that is stood for in a chart by a data marker.
Data SeriesRelated data points stood for by data markers; each data series has a unique color or pattern represented in the chart legend.
ExplodeThe action of pulling the end one or much more pie slices indigenous a pie chart because that emphasis.
Google DocsGoogle’s free, web-based native processor, spreadsheet, slide show, and form service, that along with complimentary data storage, is recognized as Google Drive.
Formula AutoCompleteAn Excel feature which, after keying an equal sign and also the start letter or letters of a duty name, screens a list of functions names that complement the typed letters.
FundA sum of money collection aside for a specific purpose.
General FundThe term provided to define money collection aside for the normal operating tasks of a federal government entity such together a city.
Goal SeekOne that Excel's What-If evaluation tools that provides a an approach to discover a certain value because that a cell by adjusting the value of one other cell- find the best input when you understand the result you want.
LegendA chart element that identifies the patterns or colors that room assigned come the category in the chart.
Line ChartA chart type that is beneficial to display trends end time; time display screens along the bottom axis and also the data point values are connected with a line.
Major UnitA number that determines the spacing between tick marks and also between the gridlines in the plot area.
Order the OperationsThe math rules for performing multiple calculations in ~ a formula.
Percent for new Value= base Percent + Percent of IncreaseThe formula because that calculating a percentage through which a value boosts by adding the base percentage- generally 100%- come the percent increase.
Percentage price of IncreaseThe percent whereby one number boost over one more number.
Pie chartA graph that mirrors the partnership of each part to a whole.
Plot AreaThe area bounded through the axes of a chart, consisting of all the data series.
Rate = amount of Increase/BaseThe mathematics formula to calculate a price of increase.
Relative cell ReferenceIn a formula, the attend to of a cell based upon the relative position of the cell that contains the formula and also the cabinet referred to.
Value After boost = base x Percent for brand-new ValueThe formula because that calculating the value after an increase by multiplying the original value- the base- through the percent for brand-new value.
Value AxisA numerical range on the left side of a chart that mirrors the variety of numbers for data point; also referred to together the y-axis.
What-if AnalysisThe procedure of an altering the worths in cell to see exactly how those changes influence the outcome of formulas in a worksheet.
X-AxisAnother surname for the horizontal axis.
Y-AxisAnother surname for the vertical axis.

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Google DriveGoogle’s complimentary web-based word processor, spreadsheet, slide show, and type service, the includes totally free data storage.