What can be vital when performing a comparison between 12-050-01 vs 52-050-02 Oil Filters? for lawnmower owners, the an initial thing come learn about lawnmower maintain is one oil change.

Without a good oil filter, your lawn mower engine condition is going come deteriorate and also deviate from running smoothly. The objective of a an excellent oil filter is to save objects and also grime far from the oil stream to prevent more damages if left unchecked.

Due to differing driving conditions, a one-size-fits-all method may not use when dealing with oil filters. One oil filter is composed of several components such together a filter medium, retainer, anti-drain back valve, etc.

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A primary filter sieves particles as small as 30 microns, while second media protect against smaller particles a little as 5 microns indigenous passing right into the engine. 

Your lawnmower’s effective functionality counts on finding a perfect oil filter to strain any type of contaminants circulating in the system.

Clean oil is great for maintaining the life of an engine from any kind of risk or damage and reduces friction, rusting, etc. We aim at illustration a line between the 2 oil filters and uncover your usefulness once you buy any kind of of them to serve your lawnmower.

Main Differences between 12-050-01 vs 52-050-02 Oil Filters

The key differences in between 12-050-01 vs 52-050-02 Oil filters are:

12-050-01 come with three oil filters to facilitate rapid replacement, conversely, 52-050-01 has actually only a single filter.12-050 -01 can store minimal dirt at a offered time, whereas 52-050-02 oil filters have actually the extra dirt-holding capacity.12-050-01 comes in black color, vice versa, the 52-050-02 oil filter has a yellow coating.12-050-01 has a much more inexpensive counterparts, vice versa, 52-050-52 oil filters space slightly much more expensive.

52-050-02 Oil Filters


It is a good oil filter that functions high power to avoid contaminants indigenous accessing the lubrication system. This oil filter stands out since it sieves oil v a high flow rate and also keeps the oil liquid to near perfect condition. Remarkably, this product comes with real OEM parts, therefore you do not challenge compatibility challenges. 

This oil filter has actually perfect size to encourage structural effectiveness for exceptional business delivery. Additionally, this filter enjoys a relief pressure, which ranges from 8 and also 11 PSI for better performance.

As such, it holds one extra volume to handle particular pressure and loads. The entirety package functions three oil filters because that serving one extensively. 



This product has a an effective filtration medium that suspends contaminants as tiny as 10 microns by size. Because that this case, this option uses man-made media, which provides less oil circulation restriction. 


The 52-050-02 Oil Filters have actually perfect dimensions with actual OEM components to fit right into your engine perfectly. Before purchasing it, ensure that your lawnmower engine is compatible v it to mitigate replacement chances, i m sorry is no time savings. 


This oil filter can hold every contaminant it collects from oil without placing a demand for consistent replacements. It has a good build with a strong media to separate foreign particles the oil and also maintain high-quality oil in the system. Together a result, this higher capacity means much better mileage. 



Durability is a good aspect the every lawn mower owner would want to take into account. For the reason, 52-050-02 Oil Filters are long-lasting, courtesy the steel products construction.

This steel steel is corrosion and rust-resistant; for this reason it does no wear out easily. That can aid withstand various mechanical stress and anxiety without breaking, make it convenient for this wait filter type. 

Easy come install

Installation have the right to be a DIY job if you monitor stepwise hand-operated instructions. If unsure, climate visit a seasoned mechanic if you space doing it for the very first time. Do you know that exact fit parts have the right to be daunting to install? uneven others, 52-050-02 Oil filter have an easy designs that carry out not need a many expertise once performing replacements.

Model number

52-050-02 Oil Filters have pertinent details around their model numbers, guiding friend in discovering the specific fit for her lawnmower.

If you lack expertise of identifying the model number, you have the right to consult the manufacturers for more guidance. A version number shows the dimension that such a filter deserve to fit well. 

Price Range

The pricing the these types of filters depends on your functionality and the type of building materials. For instance, these choices attract higher pricing because of high-quality stole metal construction and strong filtering media. Together a buyer, you might need a reasonable budget plan to purchase them for any type of dealer. 


Has an intensified resistance come handle different pressure levels in the system It contains an elaborate oil cleaning capacity to keep the engine oil pureThree oil filters permit easier replacements for optimal performance It works finest under harsh problems to restore much better delivery It comes thin a 90-day instead of warranty 


It is rather costly than other models Selective shipping policy 

12-050-01 Oil filters 


It is a universal oil filter as it fits all Kohler models. Gift an initial oil filter, it has a bypass valve, i beg your pardon promotes suitable oil circulation when the filter is underused. It has actually an outside diameter of 3 inches and 2.6 inch in height. This oil filter comes through a long performance v high efficiency. 

The cool thing is the has advanced synthetic fiber mix media to capture the fluid’s tiniest particles, i m sorry may influence the circulation rate.

It has a dirt-hold volume of 30 grams while tolerating a system operating pressure in between 8 and also 11 PSI. Furthermore, it has an anti-drain ago valve, which assists in retaining oil in the filter. Finally, this filter works finest to promote superior protection at start-up. 



Kohler 12-050-01 Oil filter is a conventional filter that is compatible with different Kohler models. That means that if you have a various model, climate it becomes a an obstacle to fit. Prior to purchasing it, ensure that your version is in the Kohler category. 


The designer do this oil filter with an emphasis on longevity. While this product serves you extensively, you will certainly not need to perform consistent replacements due to wear and breakages. It has actually a high-quality building that requires the use of aluminum metals, i m sorry is solid and durable.


This product has actually a silicone anti-drain valve to aid in retaining oil in the filter. Furthermore, it has a large surface area for staying clear of oil restriction, a great protection measure. Through offering outstanding filtering performance, ensures constant flow management and keeps your engine from any type of potential damage.


Installation and replacements of her oil filters are inseparable issues. By standard, you have to replace her engine oil ~ every 3 months, i m sorry is no true come oil filters. The great news this oil filter has an easy installation measures to get your job done. In the very same vein, it can serve you for a longer duration before girlfriend think of any type of replacement.

Dirt-holding capacity

Your vehicle is at risk to cruising different terrains such as gravel roadways or various other dusty environments. A an excellent dirt-holding capacity reveals the amount of junk the oil filter can hold together it maintains better service for your operations.

This oil filter will keep a considerable amount the dirt prior to matters acquire out of hand, and therefore it is trustworthy for long service.

Pressure flow

This oil filter tolerates a standard pressure flow, ranging from 8 and also 11 PSI. As soon as the circulation rate increases, for this reason will push too.

As a rule of thumb, a 100 PSI is suitable for every 1000 RPM. In instance the filters remote off, it deserve to lead to various anomalies resulting in failure. Pressure rises as dirt accumulates, and also this needs a standard press flow, i m sorry this product have the right to maintain appropriately. 

Filter Media

12-050-01 Oil filters use fabricated media to different dirt and also any other contaminant indigenous oil. Furthermore, they likewise use a versatile anti-drain valve come prevent earlier pressure and also leakage throughout cold temperatures. Furthermore, this product enjoys the services of a solid filter element with supported end caps and also pleats for far better performance.


12-050-01 Oil filters space affordable to enhance a chop budget. Having low prices does not disqualify castle from providing a reliable service. That is just a comparison with other premium-priced filters, which offer a distinguished company to promote her driving experience and procure long engine life. 


Strong and durable because of this becoming cost-effective Can safeguard the lawnmower engine to an ext than 3000-mile take trip distance Works properly under harsh conditions Affordable filter with higher qualityEasy to install and remove 


Filter membrane wears out quickly Not compatible v every lawnmower

Which is better between 12-050-01 and also 52-050-02 Oil Filters

Any curious buyer would want to recognize which oil filter has actually the top hand between 12-050-01 and also 52-050-02 options. The is a genuine question that is subject to cautious research prior to offering skilled advice because the two commodities feature much more similarities than differences. 

52-050-02 oil filters reap a durable steel construction and also a strong filtering media come sieve every particles from the oil fluid for much better service delivery.

Another an excellent aspect worth mentioning is that the package come with 3 oil filters; hence, girlfriend can commonly replace any worn-out filter without going ago to the seller. Together such, these filters are perfect for serving heavy-duty applications on your lawn.

On the various other hand, 12-050-01 oil filters administer an efficient filtering service and ensure only pure oil circulates right into the system. Furthermore, this filters have great dust holding volume to keep a details amount the residue before replacement. One of the distinctions is that the package comes with a solitary filter in ~ affordable pricing.

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We recommend you walk for 52-052-02 oil filters as result of their versatility. They have actually a durable architecture supported by three filters in a single package. Additionally, they carry out an efficient service to her engine by separating stubborn contaminants to save your engine oil pure and prolong engine performance.